A Start on My Next Book

Her Hot Futa WifeIt never ends. I thought of a hotwife story with a twist… Ruby, a romance writer who stays at home is futa while her spouse Miho is a lesbian who works in an office downtown. Miho gets a new female boss, Alex, who is also lesbian. After a week, Miho asks Alex home for dinner. Alex gets an eyeful of Ruby and pressures the spouse to set up a private meet, insinuating she’ll let Miho go if it doesn’t happen. Ruby is reluctant but, out of fear for spouse’s job, goes to Alex’s apartment. The time between Ruby and Alex doesn’t go as anticipated. Alex was expecting a meek, submissive young woman and instead got a latex- (or leather, not sure yet) clad dominatrix that ends up putting the fear of god in the boss. Won’t bother Miho anymore LOL. Ruby comes home, tells Miho what happened with Alex while having sex with her.

Sounds trite to my ears, but hey, I ain’t Shakespeare! We’ll see how it goes.

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