6 Ways Transphobia Directly Contributes to High Rates of Suicide in Trans Communities by Brynn Tannehill


This is an excellent article. Naturally it dredged up some old memories. This contains a lot of truths. A few years ago… well, longer now… I was sitting in a barn one night in Virginia (where I lived), gun in hand. Depressed. The only reason I didn’t pull the trigger is that I was afraid the noise would scare my horses and they would hurt themselves trying to get out of the stalls. How about that. More concerned with my animals than me. The article even mentions Washington DC, which is where I worked at the time and was the cause of my depression. Ah, how time changes outlooks, huh.

I’m not sure if I even posted how I got from Washington DC to a little burg in Florida. Someday I’ll tell you. I used the experiences in my first book series “T-Girl in the Office.” At that time before my therapist would start hormone treatment, I had to live as a woman for a year. Horseshit! So before I could receive any treatment that might actually help feminize my features, and thus help me ‘pass’, I had to be a man-in-a-dress for a year?! What kind of thinking is that?

The good thing is… it lead to a 9-book series about those experiences LOL. So I got the last laugh! <laughing hysterically!>

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