Her Hot Futa Wife LIVE

Her Hot Futa Wife 2 (1)Her Hot Futa Wife is available on Amazon. This is a hotwife book with the twist of involving a futa. Here’s the blurb:

Ruby and Miho are your typical happily married couple. Miho works in an office while Ruby is a stay-at-home romance writer. Oh yes… Ruby is a futa. Their lives are fine until Miho gets a new boss at work. Alex is an aggressive lesbian with the power to hire and fire any employee and has been mandated to streamline the office.

Miho finds herself about to be streamlined. Alex proposes a solution. A visit from Ruby would ensure her continued employment. What should Miho do? Will Ruby be willing to be shared just this once?

Here’s the excerpt:

Ruby leaned against the counter still in her sleepwear… a white cotton thong with matching sports bra. Neither could contain her sumptuous flesh. Breasts, large and full, bulged from the sides.

She smiled as Miho’s eyes trailed down her body admiring the narrow waist and wide hips she so loved to ride. Miho chuckled at the sight of her thong trying unsuccessfully to cover Ruby’s enormous cock and balls. Her futa parts could definitely not be contained by such flimsy clothing. The only reason she even tried stood before Ruby – for that look of lust on Miho’s face. She did everything but drool as Ruby walked towards her bringing the first cup.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Ruby said, holding out the wonderful life-giving mug.

“Is there any better way to wake up in the morning, my love?” Miho asked as she took it. She had a mischievous look on her face. Actually, she could think of a better way.

“I know that look,” Ruby said, sipping her own coffee. “Eggs… toast… me?”

“Well, I actually don’t have anything until a meeting later this morning. Any looming deadlines for you?”

“Nothing. I can write while you’re at work,” she said. The thoughts of where this conversation was going made her futa cock begin to thicken. It quickly overwhelmed the tiny thong and eased its way into the discussion.

Poor Miho. When the visit Ruby had with Alex is over, she has to hear about it from an angry wife. But in a fun way.

Come, read, enjoy at Her Hot Futa Wife

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