Mixed Day

44f14785a9725bbab11020c40198541bDepression is setting in. That happens to me occasionally. I’m about to face a problem I never thought I’d have. It relates to my HRT, doctor, prescriptions, those sort of things. As of this moment I have no idea what I’m going to do. The problem was just related to me this morning and I haven’t had time yet to  reflect. The initial reaction is… well, stunned. Unexpected.

I’ll survive, dear blogger friends. I have to wrap my mind around it is all, then work out a solution and move on it. Currently, I have to drive five hours to get to periodically meet with my people. That’s going away. I’ll just need to find someplace else, that’s all.

The good news is that Her Hot Futa Wife is ranked #15 for LGBT/Transgender on Amazon. That makes me happy. The other doesn’t. Ergo, “Mixed Day”.

10 thoughts on “Mixed Day

    1. Thanks, darlin’. I’m trying. Let me tell my story. You seem to have a kind ear. Even if you don’t read this, it’ll be cathartic to get it out.

      My sole doctor who handles my transition… prescribes the HRT, studies my lab tests like he’s dealing with ancient runes, maintains my liver function… in other words, the man keeping me alive, died in a car crash two days ago. I learned about this yesterday morning.

      First, it’s depressing that this kind man is dead. He was not only a good doctor but a good man. Great bedside manner, funny sense of humor. He’ll be missed.

      Second, as it was I had to drive five hours for follow-up appointments with him. One way. That was no great problem as it was only a few times a year. But I sent an email to my local GP asking if he could help me out, and he responded this morning: “The issue with me is I have absolutely no knowledge training or experience in this type of treatment. It would be like if you needed heart bypass surgery and asked me to do it. I am totally not trained or qualified to do it. Its complicated and you need to find someone with this knowledge and ability.” If there was anyone around her with ‘this knowledge and ability’ I wouldn’t have been driving ten hours per appointment LOL.

      I have a couple months supply so I’m OK. And I can always buy straight off the internet. But that doesn’t give me the care and attention for lab results.

      This will work itself out. I just never thought I’d be here. I left the Washington DC area because of a horrible experience, and quite honestly I’m hiding out here in a small town just trying to not be noticed/abused. So in essence LOL I’ve put myself in this situation. In DC there’s a plethora of doctors I could go to. But I don’t feel safe there. Fuck.

      Anyway, if you’ve read this far, you’re a good friend and thank you. If not, I understand. It felt good to get it out. Thanks.

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      1. That really stinks. Sorry to hear your doctor’s passing. I wonder if, sometimes people don’t want to learn. As your GP should be versed in you as you’re his patient and should do what is b needed to take care of you. I have no knowledge of DC where I’m at now is as far east I’ve ever lived. Mostly a dessert ddweller of West Texas with no place to turn when I was learning who i was. Anyway I’m sure with some research maybe just maybe you can find a person to take care of your needs.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your physician. It must be devastating to lose someone who is such an integral part of your life and transition. You say you will survive and I hope that someone else is capable of studying your lab results as if they were ancient ruins… and soon. I hope you are well at the moment. x SB

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