My Review of Demon’s Embrace by Bryce Calderwood

51Qhz3dZ7TL._AA160_Veronica Hudson, just your run-of-the-mill demon hunter. Sexy. Capable. Horny. Working for the Church, she hunts down whatever demon is roaming the earth in order to send them back to hell.

It all goes well for her before she decides to sample their joys. These demons are succubi… futanari… huge boobs, dongs, pussies and a prehensile tail. I love that tail. And we’re not talking “oh wow, nice dick” big. We’re talking about “Ohmigod get that thing away from me” big. That’s right, we’re talking typical Bryce Calderwood futa dimensions. Both in equipment and output.

Veronica, curious at first, becomes downright infatuated with what the demons are capable of doing to her. She’s willing to use everything at her disposal, including her body, to subdue her prey… after enjoying their favors, of course. First things first.

She may have met her match when a Virtue – a step above archangels – comes onto the scene with her retinue of demonettes. Xezbeth may be a little too much for her to handle. Or is she?

This is not my first Bryce book. Nor will it be my last. I enjoy his style of writing, his truly dark (some say sick!) mind, and the full-developed worlds his book reside in.

I thank him for yet another thrill ride. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to change my underwear.

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