Update to Mixed Day

IMG_0933My first avenue for replacing my deceased doctor proved to be a bust. I had emailed my GP that evening after learning about the accident. (Thank heavens for medical practice portals.) He responded first thing the next morning with this:

The issue with me is I have absolutely no knowledge training or experience in this type of treatment. It would be like if you needed heart bypass surgery and asked me to do it. I am totally not trained or qualified to do it. Its complicated and you need to find someone with this knowledge and ability.

I can understand this, I guess. I don’t agree with it particularly. Looks like he would jump at the chance to maybe expand his practice? Haha. On the other hand, I don’t think there’s many of “my types” in this little burg, so it wouldn’t expand much LOL.

So with the local help eliminated, I’ve written to the Veterans Administration. Theoretically, according to a policy letter they have out, they are required to treat us and treat us properly. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a while before I hear back. If I get low on hormones I’ll just buy those bad boys off the internet. That’s not a problem.

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