The Futa Next Door — LIVE

The Futa Next Door 1My book The Futa Next Door Book 1: Moving In is now live on Amazon. When Kati gets a look at her new neighbor, Mera, she likes what she sees. And what she sees is a lot! A futa in a very small pair of shorts leaves pretty much nothing to the imagination.

This is the blurb:

Kati is a gorgeous redhead living a loveless live in sunny Florida. Into this life comes Mera, a futa who simply oozes sexuality. Exactly what Kati wants and needs. Mera moves in right next door, close enough for Kati to watch from her porch.

On their first meeting, Kati is overwhelmed with Mera. She is feeling things only imagined with her husband. Can she start an affair without her lawyer husband’s knowledge? Would he even care?

Here is the excerpt:

Kati hurried back to her house. She threw her clothes onto the bed as she rushed to the shower. Hot. Needed to cool off. Jesus, she thought. She knew that animals could throw off a scent, pheromones, that aroused the other sex. Mera must be practically spraying them to have affected her like this.

The water was turned to cold. She didn’t adulterate it with any hot water at all, just stood under the cooling needle spray. Her nipples immediately hardened. She closed her eyes while the water ran over her hair, chest and stomach. She turned to let the spray splash on her back and buttocks. It felt fantastic.

She ran the palms of her hands across her tits. The intense sensation in her nipples surprised her. Her hand caressed again and she felt a gush of liquid from her pussy. Swiping a finger in the liquid she held it to her nose. I’ll be damned. It’s my honey. A shy tongue flicked it from her finger. Delicious!

When Kati laid a finger on her clitoris she discovered it was swollen, jutting, vibrating from the touch. Her knees grew weak. The pad of her finger ran along the puffy lips bisecting her cunt. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this horny. Her husband never brought her off. He never even tried, concerned only with his own pleasure. But this… this was something different altogether.

A digit eased into the moist cavern of her lust, eager to probe as deeply as possible. Just as she was settling into a rhythm the phone rang.

Book 2 will pick up where this leaves off. Check it out at The Futa Next Door Book 1: Moving In. Thanks.

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  1. Hi there, this is Candi from abezure journal. I’ve changed sites for various reasons if you care to follow my new one. Thanks for all your comments on that one and I’ll try to explain a few things in a later post on this one.

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