Musings on My Upcoming New Doctor Appointment

12846c883df2efb33a11226ba35ab7d0When I finally meet with my new doctor in June, it occurs to me we’re going to be starting over, sort of. I know whenever I switch GP’s he or she would go over my prescriptions, usually changing them. So far always for the best. For instance, my last GP dropped three drugs I was taking… he said I was being overmedicated. And he was right. My test results improved and I felt better.

Now, what if I end up with a new hormone routine? Would that be a bad thing? Probably not. I’ll certainly take his prescriptions, smile (maybe cry a little for joy) and see what happens. Who knows… maybe a third puberty? Who wouldn’t enjoy that LOL!

I’m so excited I’m wiggling like a puppy and it’s two months away. I’ll be a basket case by the time it actually happens. A happy, cheerful and grateful basket.

3 thoughts on “Musings on My Upcoming New Doctor Appointment

  1. Isabella, are you worried or excited about your new doctor visit? Or maybe a bit of both, it’s normal. Every GP will try to explain your medication and ask you questions about any reactions to the medication you are taking. Understandable to feel nervous about that, but there are new treatments being developed all the time although not every doctor has the inclination to read about them all. Maybe you are taking some medication which your body doesn’t want or maybe there’s something out there now which has reduced side effects of taking it. Anyway, good luck with the new doctor and I hope you can find something positive out of the visit.

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  2. A little of both. Let me explain. My new doctor is a specialist, not a GP. I’m a trans woman and my new doctor is replacing one I had for years until his unexpected death. I’m on a specific routine of hormones. It is possible the new doctor might want to change my hormones, the specific type, the method of taking them (i.e., tablet, injection, patch).


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