Fingers Crossed

3e79672ac7eb006ee84d392aebcb5211A woman I’ve been friends with for a while now has taken an unexpected turn. She told me she wanted to become more than friends. Not wanting any confusion I sat her down and explained myself. I can’t believe she didn’t know. I mean, although I’m not going to post my photos anywhere for judgement, I do not pass. I’ve been clocked by ten-year-olds, for crying out loud! So to see the expression on her face show such surprise astonished me.

Regardless, I would be interested. She didn’t reject me out of hand She’s ‘thinking about what you’ve told me.’ Then began the barrage of questions. Oh, so many questions. That’s a good sign, right? If she wasn’t interested she would have just shrugged and walked away, right? <sigh>

Fingers crossed. I could use a good seeing to.

5 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. I am so interested in your story. Would one of the stories you’ve written satisfy my curiosity? (Two birds, one stone when I toss in a review. You’ve been on my list forever. I just never get through my damn list.)


    1. It’s too long a story, but my very first series, T-Girl in the Office, has a lot of my life experiences. At that time before a therapist would prescribe hormones you had to live as a woman for a year. I worked at a law firm on the midnight shift during that time. Thus started my tale. The series runs nine short books. No need for a review though. It’s long dead LOL. But the events take me from DC to hiding out in Florida. There’s a reason.

      If you’re interested I’d gladly send you a PDF version to throw on your pile to read. Or you just ask me anything about me.


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