Follow-up to Fingers Crossed

b3e12ebe0acd0e9c45b161a63f2ae29cJust a synopsis to the post Fingers Crossed: a friend asked to step up our friendship to the physical phase. Shocked me because (1) I had no idea she was interested in that, and (2) I ain’t no model. She was actually surprised when I told her I was trans. Many questions. She said she will reflect on my answers.

The follow-up. Nothing. It’s been quiet. I’ve only seen her once. She was very friendly but whispered to me (so our other friends couldn’t hear) that she was still reflecting on the things I said. She’s also been reading, so that’s a good thing, right? If she wasn’t still interested why would she take the trouble to Google stuff?

So, in a holding pattern. Not concerned, really. It came out of left field… if it continues on to right field it’s no loss. Still wouldn’t mind getting laid, though. LOL.

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