The Futa Next Door Book 2: Noisy Neighbors LIVE

The Futa Next Door 2I’m happy to report my next book, The Futa Next Door Book 2: Noisy Neighbors is available on Amazon now with NO cover problems. Maybe I’ve learned my lesson, huh. Probably not.

This story continues the sexy happenings between Mera, the Latina futa, and Kati, her red-haired neighbor. Kati’s world is not good. Her husband is an asshole who mistreats her. After he is arrested for domestic abuse, she asks to stay the night with Mera. She’s only too happy to have a sleepover! Throw a couple of horny neighbors into the mix and you have a hot combination.

This is the blurb:

Kati begins her day molested by her uncaring husband, Alan. She finds the only way to get through his onslaught is to call up images of her neighbor, Mera. She is the Latina futa next door. Unsatisfied by Alan, when she next sees Mera, Kati wastes no time. Mera becomes a tool for Kati’s own lust. Mera doesn’t mind.

And the excerpt:

They finished one bottle and opened a second. They had quite a buzz going. Night had finally fallen. The house was dark. A full moon washed its pale light over the beach. Mera and Kati had settled into a comfortable silence. It was a beautiful night marred only by the earlier violence. Calm had set in.

Just as they were beginning to nod off they heard a rustling and giggles. The unmistakable sounds of kissing and moaning focused their attention.

“What’s that?” Mera asked. Kati moved to sit next to her so they could look over the railing at the figures. The couple Mera met earlier in the evening were apparently feeling frisky.

“Oh Hank. Your cock’s so hard.” The voice carried well across the short distance.

“Ohmigod, that’s Hank and Joan. They own a couple of hamburger franchises downtown.”

They hunkered down so they couldn’t be seen, then duck walked to the edge nearest the lusty duo. Joan was on her tiptoes kissing Hank, her hand inside his swimsuit. Hank had a blanket over his shoulder with his hand on her ass.

They spread the blanket on the sand, still kissing. She tugged his suit down his legs while he was unhooking her own clothing. When they were both naked they stretched out. Joan’s hand was on his erection, tugging on an impressively large cock as his hands mauled her firm tits.

She kissed him, hand running over his face. His fingers explored the dampness of her pussy. She moaned when he probed.

“I’ve never imagined these two like this,” Kati whispered. “They always seemed so staid.”

“I don’t know. She gave me a pretty sexy look earlier.”


“Yeah. I know the look. The ‘I want to do things to you’ look.”

They watched as Joan kissed her way down his chest. Hank stroked his cock into full erection. It was long and thick… an impressive piece of equipment. Her face is close… close enough to see his precum oozing and to smell his musk. She inhaled dramatically.

“Umm,” she moaned as her mouth slid over his bulbous head. Her hand moved over his as he stroked, then took command as he moved away. His shaft was hot against her palm. Her tongue swirled around the glans while her hand pumped steadily.

“Oh baby, your mouth is so fucking hot,” he murmured. Mera and Kati watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked.

“I bet that feels good,” Kati whispered.

“I know it feels good, darling. Nothing like a good blow job,” Mera whispered, wrapping her arm around Kati’s back.

So come. Read it. And cum. (I apologize… I just couldn’t resist.) Available at The Futa Next Door Book 2: Noisy Neighbors

17 thoughts on “The Futa Next Door Book 2: Noisy Neighbors LIVE

      1. Cultural. In America we are either trans women or trans men, we are a transgender person (not transgendered) and shemales, ladyboys and trannies are unpopular terms in the community… more of an Asian thing I think, like Thai, Japanese or Filipino terms. Unless you’re searching for porn, of course, which I do LOL. For Google searches go with ladyboy… you’ll have more success.

        Funny. My very first trans series was entitled “T-Girl in the Office”. I didn’t know if my audience would understand “Trans Woman in the Office”, so I named it what I thought would sell. If I wrote it now I never would have used t-girl… I don’t even like that term, although I suppose it’s OK. Just a personal thing.

        Words are a minefield, aren’t they!

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