Here’s a New One

 I haven’t gotten this question before. I’m in church, Mass is over and we’re funneling up the aisle. A young woman who takes a class along with me turns and says: “Hey, you used to be a guy. Do you know how to fix my garbage disposal? The drain’s backing up.” I just looked at her like she’d lost her mind! Then i realized she was absolutely serious. Young, living alone, and clueless. As it so happens, i DO know how  to disassemble the plumbing, clear it and reassemble it. Bottom line: i got a free breakfast, did the job in half an hour, and… most importantly… Didn’t break a nail.

7 thoughts on “Here’s a New One

  1. Wait…so you’re transgendered, Catholic, and your church doesn’t give you any trouble going to Mass??? I’ve been terrified about it! Please…we need to talk. 🙂

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      1. I have absolutely no doubt that if i go to confession and tell him about myself I would be excommunicated! Haha. As it stands, we are a relatively small church. I actually serve as a lector, Eucharistic minister, bereavement minister, and during the week, the sacristan. Like when I was in the military… don’t ask, don’t tell. I would be out out out. I’m already planning for it just in case. Episcopalians accept us. Or perhaps Presbyterians.

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      2. Yeah, I hear you, I’m an usher, an assistant with Children’s Liturgy, and I run the Adult RCIA, the 9-12 grade faith formation, and the Youth Group. I love what I do and I know I’ve been called by the Lord to do it. (Its my greatest passion outside my family) so to lose it and my church would be devastating. I’ve confessed that I was transgendered to our Monsenior and he told me it wasn’t a sin. Soooo…I’m just kinda lost. LOL!

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