Funny Writer Problem

4f8f5a89fcf641bd2c1bf27616a2b2f4I just put up my latest book on Amazon, so I’m thinking about my next one already. No rest for the wicked. I’ve decided to do a fifth book to my Futa Night Nurse series. I’m kinda forced to because that series keeps selling. All of my futa books continue to astound me, but this isn’t a brag post. Just saying that I need to follow what my fans want. Right?

What I wanted to mention was that since I intend to follow-on with an older series, for the life of me I can’t even remember the characters names! What a dork!! True, it was 7 books ago, but you’d think I could recall people I created from my own mind (even if they do take on a life of their own).

Fortunately, when I’m writing I write a synopsis that contains the plot, characters, outline and specific sex scene breakdown. So it shouldn’t take long to get back up to speed. I have no idea how someone like my friend Reed James does it. He currently has over 400 published books on Amazon! And he constantly publishes sequels, too.

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