The Futa Next Door Book 3: Consequences LIVE

The Futa Next Door 3Hubba hubba, my newest book, The Futa Next Door Book 3: Consequences, is available on Amazon. This continues the story of Mera and Kati’s burgeoning romance. Kati is now divorced and living with Mera the futa in happiness.

To celebrate they take a vacation to the mountains, as far different from the Florida beaches as possible. There they meet an African-American couple to play with. A good time is had by all. Or is it? Is there a fly in their ointment?

This is the blurb:

This book continues the story of Mera and Kati as they grow in their relationship. After the tumultuous happenings of Book 2 they decide to take a deserved vacation. It was a wonderful trip with beautiful vistas to refresh the soul.

A meeting with a black couple leads to a long night of dancing and lovemaking in an idyllic setting. It was magical. A night to be remembered. Until…

This is the excerpt:

Mera was on the deck enjoying the cooling breeze. The moonlight reflecting off the gently rolling waves of the Gulf enchanted her. Combined with the sound of waves, the beach was always calming for her soul. She stayed that way until Kati’s hands slipped around her waist. Her head rested against her back.

“Umm,” Mera said. “You smell all soapy fresh, darling.”

“And you smell like sex personified.”

“I take that as either a compliment on my oozing sensuality,” Mera chuckled, “or that I haven’t hosed down my dick today.”


“I’ll go with ‘oozing sensuality’.”

“Umm,” Kati said, sliding her hand to cup the huge mounds jostling under the light sweater. “Good choice.”

“Are those your breasts pressing into my back?” Mera asked.

“Why yes they are.”

“Which would seem to indicate nakedness.” She started to get breathless when Kati’s fingers began to lightly tug at her nipples. They hardened immediately, of course. They may be huge but her tits were sensitive. Blowing on them would be enough to tighten the nubs.

Kati ground her hips against Mera’s pantied ass. She enjoyed the feel of her hairless mound against the silky material. Mera turned with a groan. Her erection slapped against the smaller woman’s thigh.

“Oh god,” Kati said, wrapping a hand around the thick meat. “Seeing that always make me so horny.” She tugged gently on the beast, feeling the heat radiating off the soft skin.

Now available at The Futa Next Door Book 3: Consequences.

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