Triggered memories

I am reading a book by a friend of mine, and in the opening pages the character is talking about her childhood. And just like that <finger snap> a memory jumped out at me.

My mom always wanted a girl. My dad traveled a lot in his work (military) and was gone for long stretches of time either on TDY or deployment. That left mom and I alone.

Somehow — I never knew from where, she never said — she came up with all these little girl clothes. I mean I wasn’t a teenager yet, can’t recall the exact age. So my youth found me dressing as a boy to go to school and as a little girl at home. As we lived out away from town we had no neighbors. I had no friends to play with. Just me and mom. And the cutest little frocks!

And on Halloween. You know what I’m going to say, don’t you. My mom would really doll me up, especially as I hit my teen years. Full make-up, high heels, wig, the whole nine yards. I personally loved looking at myself in the full length mirror. Ahhh, to be slim again.

The first time I went out in public like that on Halloween I was so young that when a car pulled up next to me and said something along the lines of ‘hey baby, want a blow job’ (too long ago to remember the exact words, but you get the gist) I had no idea what it meant! Haha. All I could think of was he was offering me some sort of employment. Was the job for me? Or for him because he was looking for a job? I just walked faster. Hey, I could have had my first sexual experience. Or been killed.

Instead my first experience came when the neighborhood grew up around us and we finally had neighbors. I was early teens by now. Kids would come over to want to play. I remember being in a blouse and skirt when a boy came over to play. No one was ever to catch me like that. Mom kept this a secret, obviously, especially from dad! The next thing I knew he asked me ‘do you want to feel what a girl feels?’ as he pushed me face down (pushed sounds aggressive… I was totally consenting). So I was face down and he fumbled with my panties and fucked me in the ass. (By the way… still my favorite position!)

Ahhh, memories.  By the way, that boy went on to become a doctor. I wonder if he became  a gynocologist!! Hahahahaha.

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