I Just Gotta Proof More

d802d2800c7875ad2833eb668d8a97baUnable to concentrate enough to write a new book this week, I decided in order to maintain my once a week publishing routine I would just bundle an earlier series. In this case my Dining Alone series about a young trans woman and an older lesbian.

Whenever I create a bundle I reread each story. My method of writing: I go straight through the first draft, then proof on screen, print and make final edits. Once it’s published I don’t go back… I’m on to the next one.

With that routine, you can leave some funny stuff. I came across this sentence:

Both ladies were in excellent shape, attractive women wearing designer dresses and shoes who took care of themselves.

Now, it is possible that with the price of the shoes I imagine my characters wearing that the shoes do, indeed, take care of themselves. However, I believe this is rather an example of sloppy writing. Love it. Good thing I have no great aspirations LOL.

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