Dining Out Bundle LIVE

Dining Alone Bundle Dining Alone Bundle is a collection of three earlier books from my Dining Alone series. It will be no surprise that I wrote it over the first set of holidays after I disentangled myself from a live-in encumbrance. Facing being alone over Christmas, New Years etc. I took it out on my laptop. And you, the reader. Sorry.

So anyway, this tells about Sophia, a young trans woman who is nervous about her transitioning. She is convinced that everyone clocks her. Into her life comes Ann, an older lesbian who only sees a beautiful young woman. Ann just broke up with her longtime lover.

Out of convenience, they decide to spend the holidays together. From this begins a growing relationship spanning three holidays and growing more and more public.

Here is the excerpt:

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Ann asked.

“I haven’t been with anyone before.” There was a period of silence.

“So you’re a virgin. Well, I guess we all were at one time.” More silence.

“More wine?” Ann asked before pouring out the remainder of the bottle into their glasses.

Tension was growing in the room. They both felt it. Where their hips touched Sophia felt heat radiating. Under the comforter Ann moved her hand over to rest on Sophia’s thigh, giving it a squeeze. In response Sophia leaned her head against Ann and sighed.

“Feeling adventurous?” Ann asked.

“Sure. We’re out of wine.”

Ann pulled the comforter from them. The room was lit by the flickering flames of the fireplace. She reached out to put a hand against Sophia’s cheek, looking her in the eyes. Sliding her hand to the back of her head she kissed her lightly on the lips. She tasted of wine.

Pulling back she reached down to unbutton Sophia’s blouse. She studied her small breasts, gently squeezing them. The nipples hardened. Finally she leaned down to press her lips against them, kissing and nibbling, drawing a soft groan from Sophia.

Sophia unzipped the back of Ann’s dress, sliding it off her shoulders. Her large breasts hung enticingly, begging her to carefully pull them from her bra. Ann’s nipples were already hard. Sophia teased them with her fingers, then cupped the fullness.

“These are beautiful, Ann. I hope mine get this big.”

“I like yours,” she responded. “You must look fantastic dressed up. You’re built like a model. I’m built like a mom feeding a brood.”

“Talking about feeding,” Sophia said, leaning to draw the nipple and areole into her mouth, sucking loudly. Ann laughed.

“Let’s get these off.” Both women shed their clothing until they sat across from each other watching the flames reflect off their naked bodies.

I enjoyed writing these books… very cathartic. I hope you enjoy reading them. There’s romance, heartbreak, suspense and sex sex sex. Now available on Amazon at Dining Alone Bundle.

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