Futa Road Trip Book 1: Personal Growth

Futa Road Trip 1I have started a new series, Futa Road Trip Book 1: Personal Growth. This is going to follow the adventures of Rose, a futa lobbyist, who loses her job. When she is hired by a firm in San Francisco, Rose determines to drive from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco on a voyage of self-discovery. What does she want from life?  Can she let someone into her life? I don’t know… can she?

Here is the blurb:

Rose, a lobbyist for futa rights and a futa herself, is unexpectedly fired from her firm. What disturbed her most was the realization that there was no one in her life. She never had the time. So when she receives a job offer in San Francisco, Rose decides to take a cross-country drive to re-evaluate her life.

This new series will follow her adventures as she wrestles with self-discovery. As she gives herself up to new sexual experimentation is she going to be able to develop lasting relationships? Will she find a soulmate? Or will she disappointed and still alone.

And the excerpt:

He returned to his cruiser. When he closed his door Rose followed him, making sure to work her walk from her car to his cruiser extra sexy. His eyes followed every sway. And there was a lot to sway. He was startled when she climbed into the passenger seat.

“You cannot be in here, ma’am,” he said.

“I just want to see if there’s any way we can work this out.” While he stared at her face – discomfort washing across his own – Rose made a point to stare at the growing bulge in his pants. He appeared to have a sizable python of his own.

Rose leaned back against the door and faced him. Her left leg was on the seat and the other on the floor, crotch pushed against the stretchy material. A damp spot grew where her piss slit lay. The cruiser flooded with pheromones.

Rose saw a night stick in a slot by his hand. She leaned over to grab it, pushing her large breasts on his forearm as she did. The nipples dug into his arm. With stick in hand she leaned back against the door, stared him in the eyes and brought the blunt end to her mouth. Her tongue slid across the hard black plastic. She opened her mouth wide to slid the blunt end along the flat of her tongue. It had no discernible flavor, but she moaned as if it was the most delicious thing ever. He closed his eyes for a few seconds.

She pulled her shorts leg to one side, exposing her dripping cunt. The pungent smell of excited pussy flooded the car. Rose laid the baton at her entrance and eased it against her puffy labia. A gush of honey coated the stick.

The sound of a zipper made her lower her eyes. The cop pulled out his erect member. The shaft was thin but had an enormous apple-sized glans. His hand stroked the length slowly while focused on his nightstick sinking into her greedy gash. Rose’s forearms tensed from her grip.

As I said in an earlier post, when I retired from the Air Force I did exactly what Rose is doing… took a leisurely drive across country. I’m reliving that experience with this series. I loved it. I did not have any of these sexual run-ins, sadly. In fact, I think I spent most of the drive either gawking at the scenery or singing the soundtrack to “The Blues Brothers’ at the top of my lungs LOL. I love me some blues.

Feel free to pick up Futa Road Trip Book 1: Personal Growth on Amazon.

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