My New Honey

fb23fb5594dfc9873a6d26e108f3ac15My new honey V is coming along with her acceptance of who I am. It’s still a confusing issue with her, and I expect it to be for a while. But she’s trying. After our initial question and answer period back a few weeks ago I told her to feel free to ask me questions anytime. I also suggested she do some googling.

So tonight she asked me to read this article. <sigh> It was one of those written by some therapist calling transgender people… well, basically insane, says we’re just confused about our sexuality, that hormone treatment feminizes us… that sort of thing. I just smiled, noting that for every article she comes up with I can show her one disputing it. Hormone treatment feminizes us? Maybe because we’ve spent our youth being pummeled into the male role. I enjoyed my feminization. We need to be feminized.

Anyway, it was a nice, calm discussion. She’s trying to understand. And she’s hearing my opinions. I always come back to the point… “it’s me, the person you like.” Kinda fun for me.

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