Futa Road Trip 2: Chicago Shenanigans LIVE

Futa Road Trip 2My second installment Futa Road Trip 2: Chicago Shenanigans is available on Amazon. You know, I really believe I wrote the whole book just so I could use the word “shenanigans”… I am just that shallow LOL.

Anyway, our futa, Rose, met an interesting and attractive woman her first night in Chicago, Dusty. This story explores her experience getting to know her… and vice versa. They have a risqué experience during their sightseeing, which then carries over to later that night. Is this going to grow into something or just a physical attraction? And since Rose is just passing through, how can it possibly turn into anything substantial?

My blurb:

Rose is on her way to San Francisco, ready to start a new job and a new life. Determined to let other people into her life, she asks a beautiful young black woman – Dusty – to show her the sights of Chicago. Little did she realize that she was about to become one of those sights.

Dusty had no idea what it took to make love to a futa. It is amazing what a determined woman can overcome.

And the excerpt:

The chairs in the Adler Planetarium laid back comfortably so they could stare up at the projected stars. Looking around they could see they were alone. Not surprising. It’s the middle of the week. Tourists were nowhere to be found at this time. Rose had to taste those lips. She went in as soon as they were stretched out. Her lips pressed against the fullness. Dusty groaned as her tongue ran along Rose’s. They tasted as good as they looked. She nibbled lightly, drawing more moans.

The lights went off plunging them into total darkness. A stentorian voice began to drone, describing the creation of the universe. Rose only cared about the creation of the love affair in front of her. She lightly ran her hand along Dusty’s thin arm, testing the strength just under the skin. The muscles trembled at her touch.

Rose’s palm ran off the arm onto Dusty’s leg. It was stretched out. Her palm felt the muscular leg under the white jeans material. It was a runner’s leg. A leg meant to be wrapped around a lover’s head.

Dusty didn’t remain placid. She reached for Rose’s tits, feeling their heaviness. A hard nipple pressed into her palm while she squeezed the dense globe. It was Rose’s turn to moan at the attention. Her nubs were sensitive. They reacted by growing longer and leaking a small amount of milk. She had been teased all day. The constant attention her ass had taken while strolling around the museum, the hand-holding, the touching of hips, lips… she was rapidly reaching a point where she didn’t care where or how, she needed to fuck someone.

I didn’t get to describe the sights of Chicago as I would have liked. I have been there many times and just didn’t have the word count available to do it justice. All I got to do was touch on some of the places I personally had visited and enjoyed. It came down to whether I’m writing smut or a travelog… no one is reading my stuff for edification but for erection/dampening. Scenery gets a short shrift to sex positions. Whatareyougoingtodo!

So pick it up and give it a read. On Amazon at Futa Road Trip 2: Chicago Shenanigans.

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