Beautiful Day At The Dog Park

IMG_0961It’s a lovely day here in the Florida panhandle. Just lovely. I do like the smell of the South. So many exotic scents floating around. I took my Rachel and my new friend V to the dog park, hoping Rachel would mingle with the others. But as usual, despite so many dogs running around just her size, she still preferred to sit in a lap and observe. Like mother, like daughter LOL. At least she shared my Filipina’s lap instead of mine full time. That’s a step up in socialization.

I think V’s settling in nicely to our budding relationship. Since my equipment doesn’t function well (thank you, hormones) it doesn’t seem to disturb her lesbian sensibilities. I believe her mind boggles at the concept of me being a lesbian, too  Not the first time I’ve had to discuss that with a woman I was seeing. [It occurs to me, almost all of the trans women I know prefer women. Hmm. Just struck me. I’m sure there’s been a study done somewhere on that issue.] And I think she’s either run out of questions about trans issues or is simply mulling everything over I’ve said so far. Actually, the biggest discussion we’ve had in the last week concerned all the bathroom nonsense. I’m actually happy she’s comfortable enough with me to have a disagreement about it. Makes for interesting conversation.

I hope everyone is enjoying this good weather. Soon, here, it will be high 90s-low 100s. Then it’s beach time, tanning, mojito under a beach umbrella relaxing kind of thing.

I think that explains my huge drop in sales/page reads. Better things to do than sitting and reading smut! That’s OK. Just gives me an opportunity to expand my catalog. I have 40 books published right now. By the time fall sets in and people want to sit and read I’ll have 60  for them to choose from. I’ll get their money… now or then! <cackling maniacally while rubbing hands together>

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