Diagramming Time For My Book

orgyOh lord, I’m doing it again. In my latest, book 3 of the Futa Road Trip series, I’ve managed to get my two characters into an orgy in Omaha. [It certainly wasn’t that exciting when I lived there, although just now, writing this, I recall I did find myself involved in a foursome with an ex-wife and a couple I didn’t even know. I had just landed from a TDY, she picked me up and on the way home asked if I wanted to sleep with this other couple she had met while I was gone. We didn’t even go home so I could change out of uniform. Wow, I had completely forgotten that. This series is lots of fun for my memories.] It’s a sex club, actually, but the term orgy fits nicely. So once again I’m having to draw out an outline of who is doing what to whom. This time, I have four couples that keep getting a third participate to help out. That’s a max of twelve people. My, I’m exhausted just running it through my mind. I bet you didn’t know writing erotica could be so tiring. Wish me luck!

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