Futa Road Trip Book 3: Omaha Bound LIVE

Futa Road Trip 3I’m happy to report that I have published Futa Road Trip Book 3: Omaha Unbound without harming any animals or small children. Writing it is bringing back both good and bad memories of my three years stationed at Offutt AFB. I’ll have to post some as I clarify them in my mind.

Anywho, this book continues the journey of Rose, the futa lobbyist as she moves to a new job in San Francisco. She takes along Dusty, the sexy black woman she hooked up with in Chicago. Rose was impressed with her ambition and is determined to improve her own interpersonal relationships. Dusty just might be a good first step for her.

This is the blurb:

The futa Rose and her new companion Dusty have left Chicago, making their way to San Francisco. Their first stop is Omaha. Rose can’t wait to buy some new clothes – Dusty can’t wait to pick up life experiences.

And what an experience they will have at La Club, a sex club only too willing to welcome the sexy duo. From the giant military man with Rose to the Japanese woman training Dusty, they will find someone truly Omaha bound.

And the excerpt:

The two walked carefully down the wide stairs that was the entry to La Club. It appeared to be in the basement of the building over the top of it… a hotel. Isn’t that convenient, Rose thought. They stood just inside the door, eyes adjusting to the cacophony of activity in the dimness.

Dusty wore a crossover bright blue tulip dress that hugged her body. Her chest, thanks to the miracle of tape, displayed some cleavage. The short skirt showed off her legs. Rose was in a sea-green sequined dress that caught what little light radiated around the room. Candles stuck in numerous sconces, certain to be fake, produced faint illumination. Faint lighting can be our friend, she thought. Her futa body stretched the material of the dress to its limit. The hem was too short to successfully hide her penis which dangled between her muscular thighs. The breasts, fully covered, pushed proudly before her like the prow of a seagoing vessel.

They could feel eyes on them. Many eyes of both sexes. Dusty wrapped an arm around Rose, eyes roaming the room taking in everything and everyone. Talk that had stopped on entry of the two lovelies began again. This time they were being talked about. And why not. They were a stunning duo.

Rose led them toward the back. Along the way were several hallways that shuttled into other parts of the club. A wide variety of body types were on display. Everywhere she looked had writhing, sweaty bodies, clothed and unclothed. The small rooms appeared to be specialized: chains, whips, odd-looking chairs; huge mattress; saddles with bridles. A large room was stuffed with squirming men and women in various configurations. Some she couldn’t fathom right away, but before she could interpret what she was seeing another movement would catch her eye.

A couple of lovely young women took Dusty by the hand and pulled her in one direction, while a giant stud of a man whisked Rose in the other. He led her to a large room – probably the main room – where couples were scattered about randomly. The men stood, staring down at their kneeling companion eagerly sucking swollen cocks. Sweat poured down their chests. The women fisted the jutting members while another woman knelt behind the male, pinching and rubbing flat asses.

Futa Road Trip Book 3: Omaha Unbound is available at Amazon. Oh, and notice the style of the book’s cover. That is based on a new template I’ve been working on. I’m trying to come up with a design that brands me to browsers. So I figured since all my work is either transgender erotica or futanari erotica (which I consider an offshoot of TG) I would use the transgender colors and either a transgender or a futanari symbol. And my honey V came up with a publisher’s name: A Cariñosa Publication. That is now my template for future works. Fun stuff.

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