Omaha Memories

b0fe9dd5cc2211c89f0086c4ade1de0bSo as I started to say in my last post, during this period of time, I didn’t know what I was. The only option I could come up with was gay. I dressed accordingly. I remember going to dinner with a straight male friend of mine, a pianist . . . hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here (see Memories of Times Past which concerns an organist). I wore tight trousers, stacked heels (they were in at the time) with a puffy, ruffled shirt — very ruffled! I looked like a gay pirate. I ordered a bottle of wine with the meal. So the poor server brought a bottle of wine, then couldn’t figure out who to pour the tasting sample for. I may have ordered it, but obviously, I was the girl. I helped him out . . . I nodded towards my friend.

I played electric bass in a jazz trio the pianist started (understand I was actually a bassoonist but wanted to make some extra money. I took a week off to learn electric bass, which made me one of the worst electric bassists in the known world). He booked us gigs in South Dakota — jazz in South fucking Dakota. All of the requests coming from the floor was for country-western music. We hadn’t a clue so basically we played “Kansas City” in different keys several times a night. Ghastly!

He went to school in Sioux Falls and had a girlfriend there. They set me up with a tall, red-haired basketball player. Awww, such a nice friend.

That was a really odd period of time. I knew I wasn’t straight, yet the gay sex I had was unsatisfactory. Something just was not right. What could it be, I wondered? I didn’t solve that conundrum for nine more years! Wow — I’m a slow learner.

2 thoughts on “Omaha Memories

  1. Yes, we have to thank this world wide webby thing for allowing ordinary folk to talk about life, love and gender without being censored. Although trans folk have always existed, it was never in my concious that I might be one of them, so like you, I tried all sorts of lifestyles to try to explain how I felt. It must be so much easier being young and trans ( or anything else) now.

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