First Time Couple

IMG_0006So the group of ladies who adopted me went out for Memorial Day lunch. My new honey V and I went together. We met up at Panama City Beach, not egregiously far from the small burg I live in. The restaurant is Pineapple Willy’s. I ate a seafood platter with enough food to choke down a garbage disposal! Fried everything. Diet be damned!!!!

This is the first time we’ve been with the group as ‘us’. (In case you aren’t memorizing my every move . . . and why wouldn’t you, I’m fucking fascinating! . . . V came from that group and wanted to up the relationship. Shocked when she discovered I bring a little extra to the game, she has hung in there pretty doggone good so far.) We have been getting a lot of side eyes from the girls as we are pretty PDA, which I’m actually uncomfortable with but I’ll go along with it to make V happy.

It’s a lovely Memorial Day, the weather perfect, the beaches packed as you can see. And our waiter says this is nothing . . . just wait until Spring Break! No thanks. The smell of suntan lotion is already making me a little woozy.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday. Just don’t forget . . . soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors have died to keep us safe. Remember to take a moment to say a word of thanks. I’ll thank them as we all go shopping after the meal. Gotta waddle off the calories somehow.

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