d0d49105400d568744eb933dcaf2084bI just can’t bring my futa/vampire story in with the number of words I like to work with. It would be a much longer story, at least a novelette. So I have to set it aside right now and will pick it up after I reach my personal goal for my catalog building.

The issue for me is that it is proving more complicated than my standard smut. The Mother Superior is starting to age . . . the vampire is lonely since her maker was killed . . . the explanation of how they figured out a vampire is feeding on futas is much longer than I’d like. Plus I wanted to end the first book with a futa actually becoming a vampire. And now the characters are leaning toward that futa being the Mother Superior herself! But would she betray her race? Who knows.

So I’m putting together a new book about a married futa getting hooked up with a swapping lifestyle. Almost pure smut! My favorite. Bumpin’ uglies!

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