All Worry for No Reason

324168ab376a22e36048656d913ff2e1I met my new doctor this afternoon. After driving through spotty showers I got to my Atlanta doctor’s office an hour early. Anxious much? The staff and doctor simply could not have been nicer. They ushered me in early and took care of me. Talking to him he asked me how I would like the medicine. I kept my previous regimen. Yay!!! <heavy sigh> All my silly worrying for naught.

Two big surprises. Mi amore V insisted on coming with me for this first visit. I guess she was worried in case something went wrong. I was a semi-basket case Saturday and Sunday. Awww, isn’t that sweet? After everything went well, she spent pretty much the entire four-hour drive home asking questions: what hormones am I getting? What does that one do? What does that one do? Then she wanted to hear pretty much my whole life story specific to being a trans woman. So, with four hours to kill, why not. Began with being a little boy and ended with this trip to Atlanta. I had no idea I was so interesting <she says blushing . . . not>

The second surprise . . . there may be a hurricane on my doorstep sometime tomorrow morning. <sigh>

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