Her Hot Futa Wife Book 2: Rinse, Repeat LIVE

Her Hot Futa Wife 2My latest book, Her Hot Futa Wife Book 2: Rinse, Repeat is now available at Amazon. I had written book 1 as a standalone story, but readers kept reading and buying it. So I figured ‘what the heck’ and wrote this sequel. I have now started on book 3: In the Closet.

Which raises a question: should an author follow what readers are reading, or lead the readers by creating new stuff? Just something for me to ponder.

Here’s the blurb that sets it up:

Miho saved her job by pimping out her sexy futa wife, Ruby. She felt a crushing guilt even though Ruby had brushed it aside. But now Miho couldn’t take her mind off of that night. In telling of the encounter, Ruby stirred a passion in Miho. A passion she desperately wanted to repeat.

How could she do that? Could she convince her wife it was good for their marriage? Or would she destroy that very marriage.

This is a 6,900 word short story with futanari, sexy Japanese wife and a hot milf who seeks out oversized appendages to satisfy her. It involves FF, interracial, oral, anal and domination/submission.

And an excerpt to warm you up:

“Tell me,” Miho said in her small voice, eyes closed. When Ruby arrived home Miho was waiting. She wore a white t-shirt she kept tugging down to hide her hairless pussy.

“You sure you want to hear?” Ruby said, stripping her wrinkled dress slowly. Miho watched every movement, hands at the shirt bottom.

“Did you enjoy it?” Miho had no make-up on, hair hanging loosely to frame her face. In her natural state she looked like a little girl. At the moment she looked like a shy, sad little girl.

“I did. She took every inch of me. Everywhere.” Miho gasped, mind reeling at the visual her mind conjured. Ruby stood before her totally naked, large semi-erect futa cock swaying as she walked towards the couch. “Every hole, Miho.”

“How could she do that?”

“As it turns out, easily.” Miho sat on the edge of the couch. She leaned back, head buried against the seat cushions, face upturned to her lover. “I felt the head slide right down her throat.” Miho groaned. “Her nose rested on my stomach while her tongue licked my balls.” Groan. “Snot bubbled from her nostrils, Miho. She had to keep pulling off so she could breathe.” Groan.

Available now at Amazon. Thanks to y’all.

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