Simplistic Post

6c35cebbed3a321e42b88aaaadbc7df1Obviously, the massacre in Orlando has depressed pretty much everyone I know. Haven’t even written much. Just not in the mood. So much hatred for what is not understood. Why can’t everyone leave everyone alone? I know my thoughts are simplistic: if you don’t like to see two men kissing, don’t watch it. No one forces anyone to go to a gay club. If they’re on the street, look away.

I manage to go through long periods of time seeing nothing but heterosexuals. I don’t get offended by their public displays of affection. None of my business. Life could be so simple, so pleasant if everybody minded their business. Why do humans have this need to make everyone conform to their own personal attitudes? Don’t we realize how crushingly boring it would be if everyone was the same? It’s mindboggling.

Sorry. Silly post. Sad. I’m going back to writing smut now.

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