Her Hot Futa Wife Book 3: In the Closet LIVE

Her Hot Futa Wife 3My latest book Her Hot Futa Wife Book 3: In the Closet is available on Amazon. This hot wife series ups the ante on our couple. Ruby the futa thinks it would be a dandy idea for Miho the Japanese spouse to join in. She’s not so sure about that. But there might be a solution. Will she take it?

The blurb:

Miho is really warming to the idea of her futa wife Ruby having affairs with other women. When Ruby shares the details while making love, Miho is overcome with passion. Now Ruby wants to kick the excitement up a notch. If hearing about the affair excites Miho, what would participating do?

This is a 6,200 word short story featuring a hot, redheaded futa, her sexy Japanese spouse and a Spanish futa whose equipment is a match for Ruby. It involves FF, interracial, oral and domination/submission with choking.

And here’s a taste from the excerpt:

Esmeralda had apparently stopped by her place to prepare. Her burgundy dress went from a cleavage-baring deep v-neck to a hem below the knee. It hugged every delightful inch of the Spaniard. Breasts rivaling Ruby’s created a crevice big enough to hide her cell phone in. Her hourglass figure begged to be hugged . . . which Ruby immediately did once she recovered her senses.

“You are beautiful, my dear, absolutely stunning,” she murmured as their flesh melded. Green eyes gazed into dark fathomless ones. Her makeup was flawless, highlighting cheekbones and eyes.

“Thank you. I wanted to look my best for you, my famous author.” They walked hand in hand into the living room.

“Would you like some wine?” Ruby asked.

“Perhaps afterwards?” she answered with a mischievous smile. “I’ll need to replenish my fluids then.”

Ruby didn’t need to be asked twice. Taking her hand they headed straight for the bedroom, hips bumping as they walked. Crossing towards the bed Ruby resisted checking to see if a slat was missing. She would have to trust that she was in there and that she’d have enough air to survive.

Esmeralda pushed Ruby into the chair near the bed, then leaned against the wall. Locking onto Ruby’s eyes she slipped a strap from her shoulder. An enormous boob began to ooze out. The other strap freed both tits. Her mocha skin was evenly colored . . . no tan lines. She looked good enough to lick. Her nipples were surprisingly pink, areoles almost disappearing in the erect nubs.

Ruby tugged the tie that kept her dress together. It fell open to reveal her body, a body ready for action. Her cock was already hard enough to drive nails. The balls were pulled up tight in their sack while her futa pussy poured precum onto the seat.

I tried to get some insight on the art of choking, but no responses to my query on Facebook. So did some Google research. I would have tried to test it on myself except I don’t trust myself! Read now to find out how I did. Available at Amazon, Her Hot Futa Wife Book 3: In the Closet.

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