The Office Futa Book 1: Hired LIVE

The Office Futa 1My latest book The Office Futa Book 1: Hired is available on Amazon. This is the one I mentioned in an earlier post that the characters veered out of my comfort zone. After I deleted about a third of it I managed to salvage it, although it is still a nasty piece of work.

Anyway, this is about Elena, a futa who is determined to better herself. Forced to humiliate herself in order to be hired despite outstanding credentials, she is then ignored by her co-workers except one . . . Joy, an outgoing lesbian. They quickly bond. It isn’t long before Elena ends up in Joy’s bed. Will Elena overcome the bigotry and discrimination at the office? Will their romance bud? Hell, yes. Haven’t you read any of my books!? LOL.


Elena, a futa driven to improve herself, begins a new job. Job discrimination begins immediately when the HR director insists on a sexual favor before hiring her. The department she is assigned to totally ignores her, isolating her . . . except for Joy, an effervescent co-worker.

Can Elena overcome their bigotry and move forward? Will her budding relationship with Joy grow into something special?

This is a 7,200 word short story about a futa, her new lesbian friend, and their budding love.


“Dance?” she asked. Elena shrugged her shoulders. Why not?

Big mistake. Almost any touch can make a futa horny. Throw in some alcohol, slow music and a delightful companion and you have the makings of rowdy sex. Wrapping Joy in her arms to the romantic song blaring loudly, Elena felt her breasts swell into Joy’s and was surprised when Joy’s hard nipples dug into her. She was even more surprised when Joy’s hands cupped her ass and pulled against her. Elena’s cock interpreted that as a call to duty. The erection was immediate and strong, stretching between Joy’s legs and tapping against her buttocks.

“Eek,” she squealed when she felt the hot cock between her cheeks. Both skirts of their sundresses were raised and pushed out of the way by the thrusting member. The crowd on the dance floor was large enough that no one noticed what was happening. But Elena was aware . . . very aware. She knew she had to get Joy out of there before they disgraced themselves.

The Office Futa Book 1: Hired available right now on Amazon. Check it out.

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