Reactions to Marvelous News​

NOTE: Lovely article. But as in so many such news, do not read the comments. They’ll make your head explode. Trust me. I read them so you don’t have to. (Ain’t I noble?!)

I am so happy this is finally happening. Between the dumping of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell a few years ago, the acceptance of women in combat roles and now trans serving openily, the military can have full access to the skills of 100% of Americans. Why limit yourself to approximately 50% or less of the population serving your country.

An aside: In point of fact I’ve been getting my hormones from an Army clinic at the post near me. I have lab tests done at that same clinic faxed to my civilian doctor.  So the military has already been aiding this trans woman.

My only complaint is — why the fuck not decades ago?! My entire life would have been radically different. Radically. The only reason I didn’t transitin decades ago was because I was in the serice with a career I had dreamed of since grade school (my brother, who I adored, was in the Air Force and I promised myself to be in the AF Band someday. Mission accomplished!)

Once I decided to “postpone” transitioning, I got married, had kids, and life took over. Had I followd my therapist’s recomendation I would have not done any of those things and instead transitioned, had bottom surgery, and I wouldn’t have an ex-family who deny my existence. And most importantly, I would have succh interesting stories to tell! I was pretty slutty when I was younger hee hee hee.

Regardless, I’m really thrilled for my sisters and brothers. Thank you for serving while forced to hide. It is because of you this nation can continue to grow and mature. [May I remind folk who complain about America that in terms of history we’re pretty young. We still have pimples on our collective faces, for god’s sake. I’ve stood admiring mosaics in Italy that, when I check the date of creation, was 1. That was the year it was completed… fucking year 1. That boggles my mind.]

I can’t wait to see the highly talented trans commuhity rise through the ranks to amze and astound their critics. Looking forward to it.

Everybody have a fun and safe Independence Day!

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