Pissed Off

eots-02So as I’ve mentioned I do not pass . . . at least not in my eyes. The small town I live in simply accepts me walking among them. I’m content with that after my big city experiences. Being ignored, for me, means peacefulness. And safety. Mainly safety.

And also as I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, I am a good Catholic girl. I attend daily mass, weekday mass, and am very involved in the various ministries lay people can do. My priest has looked at me askance (love that word) but never said anything. Even during confession, he would look at me expectantly while I said the closing words “for these and any other sins I may have committed…”. (For you heathens, that meant no more good stuff was to be brought up.) But I never mentioned what was under my skirt and he’s never asked.

So today in his Mass homily he addressed the Fourth of July — Independence Day. (He’s a naturalized citizen from Nigeria). I liked his enthusiasm for the country until he got into politics — “the country is on a wrong track . . . a wrong path.” Then out of the blue he went off on a long, LOUD rant about “men who think they’re women”, “who are saying God makes mistakes and seek to correct His errors” — by then I’m sure my face was red and the blood was rushing into my ears so loudly I couldn’t hear the rest. I just know he was loud and pacing back and forth and that he went much longer than his usual homily. He’s just not that animated normally. Nor that LOUD. Did I mention he was loud?

I also noted he never looked at me in the eyes once. Nor did mi amour V. On the way home she said nothing about the homily other than to ask “are you OK?” I mumbled “no.” <sigh>

How in the hell did that get into a Catholic Mass on Independence Day? What the fuck?! The day he refuses to give me communion is the day I become Episcopalian. At lot of this attitude changes from priest to priest. Some are very liberal, some very conservative. I’m just currently under a very conservative one. <double sigh>


6 thoughts on “Pissed Off

  1. I can’t imagine what that was like to sit through but i can feel the anger jumping off the page. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I am personally not a religious person and I have absolutely nothing against anyone who is but I find the intolerance that seems to come from religious people/institutions compeltly unacceptable. Live and let live is what I say. I hope things get better for you.
    I’m truly sorry you have had to deal with this
    *sending you hugs*

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  2. I’m really hating all this hate. The demeaning words from people who have no clue what we are feeling. No openness much of anything. Now there is no one left to attack but us trans folks. I’ve seen it this weekend, openly attack trans people but in secret attack other things because they might offend them. A double standard.

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    1. That’s how it feels . . . “we couldn’t stop them lezbeans and gays, let’s draw the line for them guys in dresses.” To tell the truth, I’m still pissed from my Sunday experience. Not good to stay mad. I’ve got to chill. I’m going to the beach and get some BBQ!

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