The Office Futa Book 3: Power Play

The Office Futa 3I did it again. I just can’t help myself. My futa Elena has fallen in love and,  despite warnings, her lover Joy couldn’t care less about the inherent dangers involved in such a romance. The Office Futa Book 3: Power Play is available at Amazon.


The futa Elena drives her love home with Joy, her sexy co-worker. Warning her of the dangers of loving a futanari, Joy happily embraces them.

Rapidly climbing the firm ladder, a roadblock presents itself with the return of a powerful nemesis. If she can’t be damaged directly, can she be affected through Joy? A battle of wits begins. Who will win?

And has Joy truly contemplated the consequences of becoming a futa herself? Lusting for the outrageous figure is one thing . . . dealing with it is another.

This is a 7,600 word romance between futa and human, light BDSM, masturbation, oral and riding.


They didn’t waste any time, heading straight into the bedroom. Side by side with hips mashed against one another, Elena kissed Joy gently, hand cupping her face. Her fingers traced a smooth cheek before curling around her neck to pull tightly. The intensity of the kiss grew, passion communicated in the most basic of ways. A probing tongue was answered with rapid breathing and a soft moan.

Elena abandoned the face and sought the soft curves of her chest. Joy heaved against the pressure, pressing herself on the insistent palm. Her hand covered Elena’s to pull even harder, clenching her delicate globe. Elena broke the kiss.

“These would get huge, you know. You always look so fashionable now. Clothes won’t fit right after.”

“Really? I’d get like these, huh,” she said as her small hand grabbed a handful of futa boob. Flesh overflowed her fingers.

“Exactly. Imagine walking down the street with these like two fighting dogs under your blouse. The stares you’d get, the catcalls.” In response Joy pinched a growing nipple between her fingers. Elena sucked air.

Elena’s hand wandered lovingly across Joy’s stomach to brush across the front of her panties. She could feel puffy lips underneath, heat radiating from them. With a sob Joy fell back on the bed, arm across her eyes. She concentrated on the sensations emanating from the nexus of hand to cunt. Elena kept the pressure precisely right, encouraging a burgeoning clitoris.

Joy placed her hand along the long bulge that was Elena’s cock. It was already thick and throbbing with life. She pulsed on it, gripping and releasing, teasing the giant meat.

“And having a futanari penis, darling. It can actually become a problem of balance. He thinks for himself, I swear to god. And not knowing where to put it.”

“Oh baby,” Joy said, smiling, “I’d know where to put it.” She chuckled lightly.

With my usual shyness and subtlety, I’m pretty sure I have a couple of sex scenes included. Handcuffs! What a bastard! Read and you’ll see what I mean. The Office Futa Book 3: Power Play now available at

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