Quite a Time Since My Last Post

female by picjumbo 2015 on PixabayIt’s been an exciting time around the Belucci household. I managed to get through several masses now without getting pissed at my priest. I haven’t feared about being outed by him. After the annoying and offensive homily where he couldn’t look me in the face, we’ve had a couple of meetings about an upcoming event I’m heading. Quiet, friendly meetings.

I have a two car garage with two cars parked in it. I managed to park my SUV too close to the next one and put a deep gash in my fender. I don’t really get upset over stuff like that. I’m not big into car love… they are just a way to get from here to there. Still. Not pretty.

I’ve discovered the joys of Second Life, an on-line sim a blog friend often posts about. Thanks, Daniel and Tish Wolfsong. I’ve had a wonderful time walking around, meeting people… and free shopping! Free shopping! Dresses, shoes, hair. Can life get any better? And where I can even dance. Wow. A funny thing happened today while I was visiting Daniel’s bar. I was playing with audio, trying to figure out how to chat verbally rather than typing. Daniel was my guinea pig. Patient. So as I was speaking mi amor V started saying ‘who are you talking to?’ Daniel started asking ‘who was that?’ Haha. I had no idea he could hear both our voices. I answered one at a time and just clouded the process even more. Funny stuff (well, to me anyway.)

My Facebook account was apparently hacked. Well, not apparently. It was. A really dirty picture showed up under my name. Dirty enough to get me put in jail for three days. I can read comments, I just can’t post any replies or my own posts. My usual porn on FB consists of high heels. Glorious high heels. Oh well, it’s only three days (a day and a half now). Shit happens, right?

With my new doctor see much earlier posts to explain that) I had to get lab tests at the initial exam and again a month later. I went into their medical portal to check on my hormone levels… nothing posted. <sigh> I’m one of those anal types that love test results. I love to pour over them, google them,  to make sure everything is going well. I don’t see him again until September, so I guess I’ll just have to wait.

That’s what’s been going on since my last post about my book going live on Amazon. The best sales/reads have done since being available is a ranking of 44. Anything under 100 is joy-making. Currently it sits at 78, so still good. I’d pat myself on the back but by tomorrow I’ll be well over 100, so I’ll save it for other writings. Haha.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m thankful for those of you who read my blog. It’s fun to write and to read what other people post. It’s always good to hear from accepting folk. In my real life… not so much. But here… in my books… now in SL, people are wonderful. Thank you. Keeps me sane (no small task LOL).


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