Is It Wrong?

04c3fa69495123beffabd891ba430048Real Life: My breasts are thickening nicely. And my nipples appreciate V’s attention. Ahh, life is good with hormones! I tend to giggle or tear up at the drop of a hat. Regardless, I certainly wish I had started decades sooner. But better late than never.

Second Life: I had a difficult decision on entering the sim Second Life. It is hard to explain, actually. As a transgender woman I wanted to experience, digitally, being a woman. Yet being TG I felt I should stay true to myself. I joined transgender groups, got an apartment in a transgender apartment building, and go to various LGBTQ-friendly clubs. So I shop around in the sim to buy an attachment to match how I have to live? I can’t believe I seriously contemplated such a thing. It just dawned on me… I’m a woman. Parts  don’t define me. I simply am what I am. And what I am is a woman. So my avatar is most definitely female all the way. Hear me roar! And don’t let my swinging boobs knock you over as I pass! (For those who know SL, I discovered the physics button — whoa momma)

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