Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout LIVE

Her Hot Futa Wife 4This fourth book, Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout, has gone live on Amazon. I’m a little depressed about it. As I was writing I could see where the characters were leading me, and I hated it. I like love, romance, sweetness, hot sex… you know, the basics of life. Yet here I was transcribing what they were doing and I just knew it wasn’t going to end the way I personally wanted. Regardless, it’s published. [And a side note: after the last debacle where it took several days to finally go live Amazon got this one online in less than six hours. So fast I wasn’t prepared for this posting!]


The lifestyle they have fallen into is starting to affect Miho. Her spouse, the futa Ruby, has been enjoying herself too much with other people. Will their difference in opinion break up this couple? When Ruby meets an attractive novelist at a writer’s conference, will she have a moment of weakness? Can she keep a secret from Miho?

This is a 7,400-word story of love and betrayal. It contains scenes of sexual acts between futa and Asian, futa and male, masturbation and heartbreak.


“I bet you never expected to be here with me,” he said softly as he brushed his hand across her bulging breasts. He was rewarded with a sharp intake of air as Ruby’s nipples hardened like pebbles.

“Not with any man,” she said, voice tight.

“Why not? My god woman, you are literally built for sex. It fucking oozes from your pores.”

“You sweet talker you.” His sweaty palm trailed down her body and slid under the skirt. Carefully avoiding a dangling cock a finger pressed on the swollen clit. Ruby groaned and pushed her hips against him.

Miho heard the groan through the door – it tore her soul. She know that sound well. She had caused that sound often enough. A single hot tear rolled down her cheek. It tasted of salt . . . it was bitter.

Ruby felt between their bodies. His cock was a bar of steel nudging her giant futa junk. It paled in comparison.

“Damn, you could hit a home run with that Louisville Slugger,” he said in admiration. Her hand felt the length of his shaft.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

He kissed her full lips as lust suffused his body. His beard scratched her skin. It was in turn irritating and stimulating. Cupping her ass he pulled her to him. Cocks rubbed as they swayed gently. Shane sniffed her hair, floral scent filling his nostrils.

“You smell delicious, doll.” She chuckled softly.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” she crooned in his ear.

“Bad grammar but I’ll use it.”

Miho felt she was going to vomit. Not from feeling ill but from the cheesy lines. It is so obvious Ruby was far above this guy. Still, the kissing and slurping sounds were starting to get to her. She groped a tight breast drawing self-pleasure. Each moan from the other side of the door made her echo softly.

So come and get Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout. It’ll make you sweat.

2 thoughts on “Her Hot Futa Wife Book 4: Turnabout LIVE

  1. Happens a lot. I do a synopsis, an outline, and begin writing. I know what I want. But the personalities of the characters, as they speak on the page will, and often do, make a change. It’s like they say to me “that is not what I would do here.” That one relatively small change will effect the motives of the next, and before you know I have to rewrite the outline. Characters don’t stay static. Never do. That’s what makes writing so much fun.

    One time I started a story about a small time librarian hosting a book signing. Simple love story. By the time I got it finished she was a tattooed, pierced lesbian bookstore owner who falls for an ex-marine transwoman author. Who knew?


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