It’s A Futa Life Book 2: Interruption LIVE

It's a Futa Life 2It’s A Futa Life Book 2: Interruption is available on Amazon. And I should make a fortune off this book. I posted it onto Amazon while hunkered in an evacuation shelter using my iPhone as a hotspot for my iPad to fill out the New Title Checklist. My perseverance alone should count for something LOL. (I live in Apalachicola, Florida. Hello Hurricane Hermine.)

Anyway, this is book picks up where Book 1 ended. Cynthia the futa and Anna her deputy girlfriend have declared their love after a bomb attack. What the story expresses said is true: do not put off expressing your feelings to those you love. You never know what can happen and when. You would regret it.

So their love blossoms and, of course, hot sex ensues. Always. But into this idyllic life comes the terrorist looking to spread fear, choosing the lone female cop as his focal point. Will Cynthia be forced to watch the execution of her lover? Will she be able to stop it?


Cynthia the futa is relieved when Anna returns home safely after a terrorist bomb attack. Realizing how life can change in the blink of an eye Cynthia determines to declare her love. Her heart bursts when Anna returns the emotion. From that time on they are unable to keep their hands off one another.

They unwittingly put themselves in danger as they become targets. When Cynthia is attacked in her own home and strapped to a chair, forced to watch the murder of her lover, how will she be able to prevent the tragedy? Can she stop it?

This is a 7,300-word story containing a sexy futa, a hot lesbian, and sex exploring the unique futanari genitalia from all angles.


Anna had kicked off the covers during the night. Most of her body lay exposed to Cynthia. Fingers traced a violent history. There were some cuts and abrasions from the bomb the day before. She traced some larger welts along a muscular thigh, on one calf, and a long thin scar across her upper chest.

A trembling lid indicated Anna, too, was waking. When her gray eyes opened she found Cynthia’s hazel pupils mere inches from her. As if she was inhaling her exhale. She started, then flashed her trademark blinding smile. She has the most perfect teeth, Cynthia thought.

“Mornin’, dear,” Anna said, yawning and stretching noisily. “Whatcha doing?”

“A favorite book, often read, has the cover scratched and dented, the ends bent . . . pages dogeared, text highlighted and loved passages underscored, You are my book, darling, and every mark is a memory. Like this one,” she said running a finger at a long welt.

“The memory for that one,” she chuckled, “is an attack in Afghanistan during one of my tours there.”

“And this?” indicating the thin scar.

“A drunk got me with a knife one night. Total surprise. He had been a jovial lush seconds before. This is the worst,” Anna said placing Cynthia’s hand on her left breast.

“What happened there, darling?”

“Somebody stole my heart.” Cynthia teared up, the fear from the night before washing over her. She could have lost her lover. She would have been devastated, destroyed if she had been denied this growing relationship.

Cynthia rolled on top of Anna, fleshy body against body. From that position she stared seriously into Anna’s eyes.

“What?” Anna asked, sensing the mood shift.

“I can’t lose you. I just couldn’t survive–“

“Shhh,” she said silencing her with a kiss. Lips softened as seconds passed, warmth spreading. Cynthia’s futa cock decided to join the party. It unrolled from her inner thigh like a stirring snake on the hunt. “Umm, darling, are you trying to steal my nightstick?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Ha ha, don’t need to. Mine is bigger.”

You can pick up this future Library of Congress book-of-the-month nominee at Amazon. Click on It’s A Futa Life Book 2: Interruption.

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