Second Life, Sex and Romance

snapshot_007-2First, let me give my heartfelt thanks to Daniel and Tish Wolfsong.They are fellow bloggers who introduced me to the MMO Second Life. It’s not a game. It’s true interaction between people, avatars representing human beings. I looked them up the first day I joined. And learned how to walk (long story). When I have problems, worries, confused about things SL or RL, I head to their neighorhood bar, pull up a stool and spill my guts. No gasps of surprise or sounds of disgust as I describe my events of the day. Only advice, encouragement and friendly talk. I have made Daniel cover his ears a few times as I spew out TMI. I can be a disgusting little person.

I have made some observations in my short life in SL. Sex is damn easy. If you have a sexy avatar you will be sought out.I had made a conscious decision to be female. That’s what I strive for, why I take hormones, why I dress and act as I do. So I was going to go with it and live the life I want. My first avatar was unbelievably sexy. She usually wore latex catsuits. When she walked her hips and breasts flew around. If I came too close I could knock you over with them. LOL. As soon as I walked into a club I started getting chat messages… “hey babe, looking good.’ <sigh> So OK, men are men, online or in person.

So I was hanging by my ankles in a dungeon for the umpteenth time when I decided to reevaluate the approach I was taking to this “Second Life.” Maybe unlimited perverted (albeit enjoyable) sex is not what I’m seeking. I mean, in RL I don’t mind a little spanky now and again. But in no way would I do the outrageous things I’ve done in SL. Nope.

I decided to change. I decided to become who I am. Who I identify with. A trans woman. Most of the females I came across are like seven-foot tall with a bust bigger than my head and legs to die for. So wanting to be different (what a surprise) I chose a much smaller Asian trans. She’s shy and demure. As it happens, that is me.

I no longer get catcalls in chat but have made wonderful friends. I’ve been invited to join groups of others like me to discuss issues such as day to day trans living that I cannot get in my own RL small town. I’ve met serious writers. Writers who don’t write smut like I do but treatises on gender issues and TG politics. SL has been a godsend in meeting others, even if they are digital.

snapshot_003-2Now, as to the romance part. A woman hosts and DJs at a club I regularly dance at. I met her within the first few days of online living and we quickly became friends. I stopped into her club almost every night to unwind, if only for a few dances. We’ve chatted all that time. And instead of wanting to tie me over a barrel and paddle me we grew close. Now a full blown Matrix romance has blossomed. After wresting me from my Mistress who was about to brand me (long story), I live comfortably in a snow-covered mountain home with views to die for and someone who cuddles me nightly. I never know what sweet sort of surprise she’ll have for me when I wake up each day. I do know it will be fun.

Ahhhh. Digital life is good.

Now lest you want to tell me “real life is better”… maybe for you. Where I live there are no LGBTQ+ anything. Yellow pages and Google searches turn up nothing. Sure, I can drive an hour or two in either direction to a large city and find such. But what good would that do when I just want to have a cup of coffee and complain about my makeup sucking? I find that in Second Life. And I’m content.

6 thoughts on “Second Life, Sex and Romance

    1. CandiceJune, in order to get the full features it’s mainly for pcs, lappys, Macs and the like. Go to 3w’s, secondlife dot com and you can create your user name and download the free browser software. Note that your user name will be permanent and everyone will be able to see it, although you can also have a changeable “visible” name too. There are other, compatible, browsers too, but it’s best to start with the original while you’re getting used to the system.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

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  1. Isabella, you gave us such a shock that evening you strolled in to the bar, it’s been really great having you as a friend in SL. 🙂
    So glad you’re enjoying it and have “settled down” a little now. 😛
    A lot of us go through phases “experimenting” with our inner selves once we find the opportunities but, as you’ve discovered, we soon settle down into a more natural representation of what our inner self really desires.
    Here’s hoping you continue to enjoy SL as much as we do!
    And while I’m here … HOW have you managed to avoid being on my Follow list all this time?!?!?!
    *situation corrected* !!!

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