It’s A Futa Life Book 3: Celebration LIVE

a-futa-life-3Well  I did it again. I went and finished It’s A Futa Life Book 3: Celebration which tells of Cynthia, the futa and her lover, Anna, the deputy sheriff. I just can’t help myself. In Book 2 (Book 2: Interruption) a terrorist had broken into Cynthia and Anna’s house to commit a heinous murder as part of a campaign of fear. Cynthia heroically ended that in a hail of bullets. Now in Book 3 they are spending their time in each other’s arms. Basking under the sun, a friend from the office stops by to see them. Before she knows it she is in the midst of a threesome. Awww, poor thing. And that’s just the beginning of their sexual adventures.


The aftereffects of the horrendous occurrence of book 2 are over. The crime scene is cleaned up. The deputy sheriff, Anna, is spending her days delightfully in the presence of her futa lover, Cynthia. Sun, beach, their love grows physically and emotionally in delightful ways.

When Jen from the office stops by their beach house their life takes a fun and sexy turn. Does this mark a change in their relationship? Or just an addition. And when they meet an exciting redhead will they invite her to join in?

This is a 7,100-word story about a sexy futa, her deputy sheriff lover and their expanding universe of sexual fun and games. It contains futanari, threesome sex, oral, anal but NO BDSM.


They sat side by side on the bed anxiously watching the bathroom door. Robin had arrived earlier with a small suitcase. That had surprised them but also peaked their curiosity. It was night. The French doors leading out to the deck were open wide, inviting the cooling sea breeze in.

“This is going to be fun, love,” Anna said.

“I think so. I never knew I would enjoy this kind of thing, but Jen was such an eyeopener. I thought maybe we should try again.”

“Good thinking. Life is too fucking short.”

“By the way, though. Just so you’re certain about something,” Cynthia said, turning her body to Anna’s. “I love you. I love you with my whole heart like I’ve never loved anyone before. I cannot imagine a life without you. Not to dwell, but when I thought you were going to be killed a little piece of me died. My life is yours, darling. My heart is yours.” Anna teared up and started to say something when the door opening caught their attention.

The shy, demure redhead from the diner stepped into the room. Her body was covered from ankle to neck in shiny black latex. The moonlight reflected from the skintight costume highlighting every subtle curve. And there were many delightful curves to highlight. Her impossibly high heels made her loom tall, taller than either Cynthia or Anna. Her copper hair was slicked and pulled tight to her skull.

She took a wide stance just short of the bed facing the two gaping women. Holding tightly to the handle of a long riding crop she smacked it noisily into her gloved hand. The sound made both of them jump.

“Now, bitches. Where shall we start?

So there you have it. I’m thinking seriously about a Book 4 where they really explore their dark side. I’ve also come up with a solution to my conundrum concerning Mother Superior (Futanari Convent) and a vampire with a taste for futa blood. So while I decide, enjoy yourself with It’s A Futa Life Book 3: Celebration.


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