Bryce Calderwood Review of “It’s A Futa Life Book 1: Fresh Start

A Futa Life 1Holy cow, I’m always honored when someone the calibre of Bryce reviews one of my books. He gave Fresh Start a 4-star review and I’m squeeeeing all over myself. I’ll clean that up later.

Hot futanari erotica with great characters September 3, 2016
A hot and hopeful read about a futanari who finds herself falling for a female cop and then almost loses her. I think it would be fair to call this romantic erotica rather than “just” erotica due to the developing relationship between the futa and cop. Erotic romance as a label might be going too far. It does hit some romance plot points but it’s pretty solid erotica. Ms. Belucci does a good job of hitting all the aspects to futanari sex that futa lovers love about it. The writing is highly competent and economical where it counts, and I don’t recall seeing any errors.
Thank you, Bryce.

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