Mother Superior Book 1: Futa v. Vampire LIVE

mother-superior-1(Can you call a book about a vampire LIVE? Just a point to ponder.) Regardless, Mother Superior Book 1: Futa v. Vampire has indeed gone live and is available on Amazon. Mother Superior (Futanari Convent Book 1: Transition) starts a new series with this entry. As the gatekeeper to futadom, shepherding young ladies into their new life after metamorphosis, Mother is beginning to feel her age. Her young wards have gone on to successful careers trumpeting the rights of the futanari while she remains.

In the seat of power — Washington — a young lobbyist flush with a legislative victory finds herself with six missing minutes after a walk home. Why are six minutes significant? And since Mother is in DC for a TV interview the lobbyist’s doctor contacts her with concerns. Those concerns set actions into motion that power the rest of the story.

Back in the convent, Mother is revitalizing herself by having her young assistant make love to her… futa love… messy love. When informed of yet another attack she is determined to find and kill the creature once and for all. But after meeting the beautiful red-head, will she be able to go through with it?


An aging Mother Superior Diavola has left the Futanari Convent to visit her proteges in Washington, DC. She is proud of the success they are having pushing forward the futa agenda. But while there disturbing facts come out. A vampire is attacking futa and taking their blood. Can Mother cease making love to her assistant long enough to find and stop this creature before it attacks again? She pours over ancient texts seeking the method for destroying it. But after meeting the beautiful red-haired vampire, does she really want to? Is there another path they can take?

This is a 6,600-word story about a sexy futa, her equally hot associate and a gorgeous vampire temptress and contains explicit sex between mythical creatures.


“Now watch.” With a flick of her eyes Sister stood, her large breasts wobbling. She walked to Aurora, turned her head and bent to one side presenting her neck. The vampire delicately held an ear aside. With an audible pop her teeth sank into the flesh. Her throat muscles worked as she sucked the blood. Sister made no indication there was any pain.

Mother was transfixed at the sight. She found it oddly erotic, this exchange of life-giving fluid. Aurora held Sister closely, a hand cupping one of the breasts hanging enticingly from her meal. A small trickle of blood escaped her mouth and traced a crimson path against the rich dark skin.

A few minutes passed with Mother finding herself aroused at the tableau before her. Unconsciously she moved her engorged cock to one side so she could delve into her drooling pussy. Aurora was aware She closely watched Mother’s motions even as she massaged Sister’s swollen nipples.

Aurora pulled free, a finger swiping the remnant from her lips, smacking loudly. Then she wet her finger and wiped along the bite marks. They sealed instantly.

“So you feel it, don’t you,” she said, watching Diavola explore her womanhood. “You feel the sensuality, the passion of sharing life for however long that sharing takes. You’re beginning to understand.”

Sister had begun to feel herself, hands trailing over her body, writhing. Her breasts swelled against her palms and a low moan of passion came from somewhere within. Mother echoed her as Aurora smiled.

Join me for this ride as Mother wrestles with morality and mortality. Book 1: Futa v. Vampire at Amazon. Oh, and how about the book cover… too subtle?

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