Addition to Yesterday’s Post

After yesterday’s post i started a little research. No idea when this was published ( and i don’t care. This is the part that i enjoyed the most. Read the whole thing. I know i have several ‘seasoned’ readers. Good info.
Starting Transition While Elderly
It’s not unusual for transgender persons to begin seeking treatment at age 60 or older. Often this is due to an overwhelming fear of losing their career and livelihood, but sometimes it’s just simply the right time for them to transition.
It’s true that sex reassignment surgery (SRS) at advanced ages is both uncommon and advised against, but a transperson in good health may be able to have SRS at a very late age. As early as 1985 a report was published of a transgender woman who had SRS at age 74. (Ettner 2013) In another case an 84-year-old transwoman underwent orchiectomy and labiaplasty, without creating a vagina. (Ettner 2013)
Transition during old age is often more mentally challenging than physically challenging, as it is fraught with a sense of urgency. Frequently the elderly transgender person will be consumed with remorse over not having transitioned earlier, and this can lead them to attempt transition on an accelerated and potentially unsafe schedule. “I have so little time left, I need to do it all now!” or “do I want to die, having never lived life authentically?” are common feelings which are evinced. (Ettner 2013) As a result, psychological care may be much more important, both in depth and duration, than for a younger transgender person.

6 thoughts on “Addition to Yesterday’s Post

    1. It is up to us. Any post on my WordPress goes to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr automatically. Since i have more CIS friends than trans, i do my part to educate them. Of course they are sympathetic or they wouldn’t be my friends in the first place haha.

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  1. Hello, I’m the author of the article which was linked. Thank you for highlighting it – I feel that very often recently the serious concerns and issues facing older transgender persons are often overweighed by the media furor over trans kids. While all transgender persons are important, unbalanced coverage is not helpful to the community, so I continue to work largely with those over age 40. Recently I have been working with 2 transgender women (one age 79, the other age 80) who have serious challenges facing them, and I continue to learn as I do my work.

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