Lovely Evening

snapshot_004My honey and I spent a quiet evening sitting on the dock of our river house. It’s just a small place but we use it for tranquility. We have a couple of Adirondack chairs for relaxing. The soft water sounds, the croaking frogs, all engender a sense of peace in a life too often engaged in busy-ness. When I arrived I found her dangling her feet in the water and watching the passing stream. I joined her then immediately remembered our shoes were still on our feet. Oh well… easily dried.

As we talked about life in general, love specifically and how to mesh SL with RL, the fireflies came out to entertain us. It was good to get away from the constant round of dancing and shopping and into one another’s head. I love this woman in any world.

snapshot_005As our discussion wound to a conclusion and our silences grew longer from our own inner thoughts I got a little playful. Slowly, quietly, without any fanfare, I started adding items from my silly collection. Just one small thing at a time until I had on the outfit in the final photo. She studiously ignored my insanity. Haha. Good. Don’t want to encourage this behavior.



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