Road trip

So here I am on my five hour trip to Atlanta to take every three months at the moment, soon to be every six months. Time to have my labs check to make sure I’m still a woman, despite my vestigial equipment LOL.

Five hours of quiet contemplation and reflection. Most people listen to the radio, but here in the south it’s either a Christian station or country-western. Nothing against country-western. I’m just more of a blues gal. 

I was sending a chat to my girl Kelly when, as usual, I broke down in tears for absolutely no reason. Need to ask my doctor just how long is this fucking puberty going to last! I wonder if my transgender blog friends have the same problem. My tears seem to come more often now. Not less.

I wonder if the people at the doctors office realize how many story ideas I get just from sitting and listening quietly. I would give them a cut of the profits if there was any profits worthy of giving.

Most of my contemplation has been on my second life life. It has been such a wonderful adventure. I have found freedom, acceptance, understanding, and true love. Who could ask for anything more in this read the other life. I’m a happy girl. And yes, I’m fucking crying again. Puberty sucks!

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