It’s Been Far Too Long

1351841774_largeI started this blog a long time ago with the purpose of sharing my trials and tribulations on transitioning male to female. It began with the search for a new doctor. I then migrated to discussing the process of writing Amazon ‘books’. Fifty-nine books later I discovered Second Life. Haha. I haven’t written a single book since.

In Second Life (“SL”) My life became enmeshed with developing a life i can never have in real life. Real life I am a quiet, shy, often frightened old trans woman hoping to go unnoticed through the remainder of my life. Alone, isolated, left with my imagination, a chiweenie named Rachel, and a few computers.

But in second life I am a hot, sexy (t least I think so) Japanese domme with a family of submissives living in my Tudor manor. My life is shopping, dancing, exploring and living a BDSM lifestyle with all that entails.

Guess which i prefer.

So from now on, this blog will reflect new aspects of my life. Still with my transitioning which, actually, only has a year and half to go before reaching my maximum effect; but now with Second Life experiences/thoughts/feelings; and also the occasional writing of erotic romances. I have purposely built alts (alternative SL accounts) to have targeted experiences which i will incorporate into fiction.

I hope you stick with me, my dear readers. Life is an evolution. Come with me. I’ll try to entertain you.

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