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A New BeginningI’ve published a new book, a new genre, a new pen name, on Amazon. A New Beginning by Robin Sweets. After a great deal of reflection, I decided to go with a different name from Isabella Belucci. Why? Because while I have fans (yes, I actually do!) that buy my books as soon as they come online, they are following my trans/futa erotic romances. I figured, perhaps incorrectly, that the type to read about giant male appendages on a female may not be interested in a love affair between two regular women. No extra parts. No massive anything.

Yes, i wrote a lesbian erotic romance. Shorter than I liked but that is how the story revealed itself to me. I will start on part two to bring these two lovebirds together.


Rachel is a woman in search for love. Tai is in search of a new life. Chance brings these two together. Facing down a man to rescue Tai, Rachel finds it much more challenging helping her discover love with another woman. 

Tai finds the prospect frightening. A completely alien concept to her, she panics when taken to a lesbian club for the first time Yet… her curiosity is aroused. Can Rachel cautiously show Tai that love is love?


“Do you want to talk? Or just sit here? Sitting is ok.” Tai chewed on her lower lip, eyes looking at her hands twisting in her lap. Rachel had learned the signs. Tai was thinking. Considering. I’ll remain quiet and let her work this out.

“Lesbianism. Girls kissing and… you know. Doing stuff. I don’t understand it. How do you make love?”

“It’s the same as with a man. All the good parts of sex with none of the ugly. Soft, warm, sexy. No pounding on your body, no hairy chest irritating your nipples. No grunting like a gorilla.”

“How do you know what to do?”

“Aw sweetie, you just figure it out.”

Tai scoots over next to Rachel and worked her fingers in her hair. Then she softly kisses her. Hands travel around her shoulders, casually brushing her breasts, She hefts one of Rachel’s tits and smiles.

The long kiss continues while they hold one hand. Breathing gets heavy. Kisses get wetter. Tai unbuttons Rachel’s blouse and pushes her hand inside the bra. Nipples are hard. She lightly circles the hard nubbin with her palm.

Tai takes Rachel’s hand and puts it on her own breasts. Rachel wraps her arms around Tai and the intensity of the kiss increases. Rachel is content to let Tai take the lead. Her pace. Her comfort zone.

Tai stands, takes her hand, and pulls her to her bedroom. Laying Rachel onto the bed, she continues to undress her. The blouse is opened fully, exposing Rachel’s pert tits, nipples hardened in passion. The kissing never stops. Rachel is breathing harder and faster, lust taking over her caution. Who is moving too fast now?!

Come join me to see how this turns out. Since characters take on a life of their own, who knows! That is the fun of writing. A New Beginning


You’re Kidding Me

7577473-woman-with-surprised-look-in-front-of-computer-stock-photo-shockedColor me surprised. My last book, Desperate Hot Futa Wife has been available for purchase 8 days now… 9 by the time you read this post. Usually, my sales are good for the first weekend and then trail off. Which is OK because I usually have a new one to publish. But this has me flummoxed:


I have a ranking of #23 for Erotica/Lesbian and #27 in Erotica/Transgender. I can’t tell you how overjoyed that makes me.Thanks to you all. Especially you, Ladydawn, for the lovely review. And no, you don’t get a cut of the profits. LOL

Happy Camper

captureI am happy to report — and forgive me if this comes across wrong, I’m just very relieved — that despite my self-imposed two-month layoff I have not been forgotten by my readers. My latest book, Desperate Hot Futa Wife, went live this morning. By mid-afternoon it had reached a ranking of  25 for Erotica/Lesbian and 40 in LGBT/Transgender. It has since moved up to 28 and 45 but I’ll live with that. I’m happy it was bought/read at all haha. Seriously. Thank you to those who do read my work. I would kiss each and every one of you if I could just track you down.

I’m still never going to take two months off again! Trust me.

Desperate Hot Futa Wife Book 1: Relief LIVE

futa-wife-book-1Advice to my writer friends: if you are like me and have a specific routine you use in writing… certain location, certain hours, certain method… never take a two-month sabbatical. It was hell getting back into the swing of my process. Sheesh.

That said, Desperate Hot Futa Wife Book 1: Relief is available for Amazon Kindle.


Miho had a problem. A husband out of work and a dwindling bank account. They couldn’t afford to wait for him to find a new job. Something had to be done now, and it was going to get done by her.

When a beautiful milf rescues her from public humiliation Miho felt duty bound to repay her. The method may have been unconventional but it was effective.

Pointed in the direction of a possible long-term solution for her financial woes, Miho sets off for a life-changing meeting.

This is a 7,000-word story of a futanari taking matters into her own hands and contains futa sex, lesbian encounter, and a threesome.


Janette and Amy met her at the door. Janette beamed and invited her into the room with a wave. Amy stood behind the taller quietly, studying the shapely futa.

“So glad you came. We asked for someone fresh and beautiful. And how you do fill the bill. Miho is it?”

“Yes,” Miho answered as she looked around the beautifully appointed house. Very expensively furnished.

“What do you think, Amy? Does she fill the bill?”

“Yes, Mistress. She fills the bill quite nicely.”

“How can I be of service?” she asked nervously. She hated this . . . this whoring herself out. But she had to do something. Her husband couldn’t, so it was up to her.

“Just watch, darling. That’s all.” Miho looked between the two women. They were well dressed and lovely. The smaller one kept her eyes downcast while the taller was obviously in charge. They made small talk while Amy poured wine. Nothing specific, just a general relaxing chat with each other.

“Well,” Janette finally said after the wine was gone, standing. “Shall we?”

Janette and Amy walked into the bedroom, a trail of discarded clothing marking the way for Miho to follow. She resisted the urge to pick them up and fold neatly. Not her job. Her job was to watch. This is so odd, she thought.

“Get on the bed, dear,” Janette said when Amy drew near. Her short blonde hair was stylishly mussed – model perfect. Her lingerie – white thigh high stockings, bra and panties blended with the lacy corset to present a pale vision. Janette looked on hungrily while her lean legs scaled the high mattress. Dark eyes drank in the loveliness as she positioned herself in the middle, bright eyes eagerly returning the smoldering look.

Miho stepped into the room. A chair had been set in a location to watch all the action. She sat quietly, knees together, hands resting on top. Janette’s long hair ran down her back. All she had on was a tiny patch of white panties. Her breasts stood proudly.

By the end of this book I finally was comfortable and ready to roll. <whew> Never again. If nothing else I’ll write love letters by the ream.

Check Desperate Hot Futa Wife out.


Bad Sunday

324278d15325d9994f89aaa2f22a82e390822035017ff3a3792efc6299ffcbd1My church lady friends gathered for breakfast last Sunday and asked me to join them. I swear to god that priest will not get off the transphobic high horse. He had brought the trans subject yet again. (I don’t attend any more. This is the subject the ladies chose to discuss, bless their hearts.) So during breakfast I was fucking bombarded with the same damn questions I’ve answered a thousand times. I know we should be patient with CIS folk. To many of them we’re like something dropped from outer space or something. And I don’t mind responding to any serious queries. I’m pretty done with “did you cut your penis off?”-type questions, though. My complaint… what upset me… was that I am plowing the same field over and over. They’ve asked me these things. Several times. I ended up daintily wiping my lips of egg yolk and saying “thank you for asking me to breakfast,” and leaving. I was just exhausted.

We’ll be fine. They didn’t even know I was actually pissed. They are the only friends I have. But they can be a nosy bunch at times.

What really upset me is that when I got online to Second Life to meet my girlfriend Kelly I was all bitchy with her. Even simply left her at one point. I went back but she was properly pissed at me. <sigh> Let me tell you about this woman. She is the best thing in my life. We may have met in Second Life and spend our time there, we email and chat in Real Life, too. There’s a connection. The last thing I want to do is let out my inner bitch and upset her.

Let me tell you about this woman, Kelly. She is the best thing in my life. We may have met in Second Life and spend our time there, we email and chat in Real Life, too. There’s a connection that I haven’t felt in years. The last thing I want to do is let out my inner bitch and upset her.

The good news about is that Kelly bought a special spanking chair just for me, and after her work was done we went home and tested it out. It works! I’ll be able to sit properly by Wednesday heehee.

Club Futa Book 1: The Meet LIVE

club-futa-book-1Inspired by my SL experiences, Club Futa Book 1: The Meet is just the beginning of this series. The sexy young futa has been cast out from her family for having transitioned. Alone, broke, scared, she has a room at a fleabag hotel next to a  club. To escape the dreariness of the hot sheet hotel she goes to that club and meets two people who will change her life. An abusive domme named Tawny and a beautiful older African-American club owner Kylie.

Worn down by a life of disappointment Kylie is determined to stay out of the girl’s business even as she watches her leave with Tawny. But she was immediately drawn to the futa, her beauty and her demeanor moved her in ways not felt in years.

I wrote this in a new way for me. Not sure if I was successful, only reviews will tell me. A Facebook friend Michael Martine had shared a post on writing in first person. I realized that, unless I’ve forgotten, I’ve never written in first person. I’ve tried a few times but always went back and switched to third person after a few pages. So I decided on a specific approach: the main character, Kylie, is first person. All other characters are third person. Somehow I managed to get through this episode without throwing anything across the room, so I’ll continue in this vein for future books in this series.


When Belle, a sexy young futanari wanders into Kylie’s club the life of both will take a turn. Kylie, a beautiful African-American is determined to stay out of the girl’s business even when the slimy Tawny makes a move on the demure Japanese.

Introduced to the rough end of BDSM without proper training and understanding, Belle feels trapped by circumstances. Can she break away or is she doomed to submit to an unfeeling domme? Will anyone come to her rescue? Does she deserve to be saved? Her parents had driven her from her home . . . why should anyone else care?

This is the first of a series noting the meeting of Kylie and Belle. How will their love progress?

This is a 7,200-word story of love and BDSM and contains scenes of hopelessness, abuse and interracial budding romance.


“This is going to be fun,” Tawny said as they walked down the wooden steps leading into the basement. The concrete floor had a glossy paint that reflected the glow from the incandescent overhead light hanging from a wooden beam. It was an unfinished space, basically just a large area for items the likes of which Belle had never seen. Their rough finish showed great use.

In the middle of the room was a large barrel. A terrycloth pad set on the top. Four anchors were spaced around it. It was obviously the center of attention and deserved its own glowing yellow light. It drew attention from the various buckles and hooks, and an X-shaped cross nearby. The light pooled in a circle around the wooden barrel darkened from sweat and blood.

“You know what this is,” Tawny said indicating the object. Belle shook her head negatively “Come on, with your culture? You’re Japanese. It’s in your blood.”

“I’ve never been out of Iowa, Miss.”

“Well, you’re going to like this. You are now my possession. You have submitted to all of my demands. This is your final exam . . . to see how you follow commands.”

Belle wanted to escape, to run up the stairs and out of this madhouse. But she knew there was no way. Walking out would put her in the hands of a hostile world. No money . . . no family . . . no prospects. She would have to trust her Mistress. It was a small price to pay for life itself.

Come join me in this erotic romance. I’m sure my agent will be fielding television offers soon. Be there at the beginning. Club Futa Book 1: The Meet available at Amazon.

Mother Superior Book 2: Decisions LIVE

mother-superior-2It’s alive! The vamp is back. Mother Superior Book 2: Decisions is available online. My vampire series moves along with this installment. Diavola, the futa Mother Superior, has to decide her next move in the fight against the vampire Aurora. The decision shocks Diavola’s assistant/lover Sister Shannon. Didn’t shock me. I read my outline. What would you do with the choice: eternal youth or certain death?

I flesh out… so to speak… my vampire mythos with the transition ceremony and first feeding. Warning: blood is involved.

[NOTE: a question has been raised about the photo I used on the cover. Just to protect myself I will be uploading a new version. The link to Amazon will remain the same.]


The aging futa Mother Superior Diavola has a decision to make. Stay true to her calling as the facilitator and mentor to young futanari as they enter their new lives, or to toss it all aside for the siren call of eternal youth.

As she and her faithful African-American assistant prepare to meet their adversary, the vampire Aurora, the decision had been made. The die was cast and their adventure was about to begin.

This is a 7,300-word story containing futa and vampire sex. There will be blood.


The ceremony begins. Ancient beyond comprehension they stripped their clothes and tossed aside. The dark room couldn’t hid the bodies framing their sensuality. Futa and vampire melded into one. Aurora’s arms wrapped the nun from behind, one hand sliding across warm flesh to grasp a giant breast as the other took a firm hold of the futa cock jutting proudly.

Long incisors sank deep into the neck with an audible pop. Mother showed no reaction, no indication of pain. Instead she held her neck bent at an angle in surrender. Aurora at first closed her eyes in ecstasy as hot blood poured into her mouth The first swallow was always the sweetest.

Sister stared, mouth agape. It was almost obscene, like the vampire was making love to her superior, her friend, her beloved. Their intertwining of limbs as Mother reached to grasp Aurora’s ass completed the tableau. Precum poured from the dark red cock onto the floor. Sister licked her lips. Tasty. She hated to see the waste.

After several minutes Aurora pulled away, delicately wiping a smudge of blood from her lips and licking a stained finger. Shannon grew weak in the knees. On one hand she wanted to grab the knife and drive it into the monster’s heart to protect her loved one. On the other she desired to be lying under their bodies allowing their juices to dribble into her mouth.

Explore with me the growing relationship between Mother Superior and her Maker, Aurora. They are just getting a good start on their adventure. Book 2: Decisions on Amazon.

It’s A Futa Life Book 3: Celebration LIVE

a-futa-life-3Well  I did it again. I went and finished It’s A Futa Life Book 3: Celebration which tells of Cynthia, the futa and her lover, Anna, the deputy sheriff. I just can’t help myself. In Book 2 (Book 2: Interruption) a terrorist had broken into Cynthia and Anna’s house to commit a heinous murder as part of a campaign of fear. Cynthia heroically ended that in a hail of bullets. Now in Book 3 they are spending their time in each other’s arms. Basking under the sun, a friend from the office stops by to see them. Before she knows it she is in the midst of a threesome. Awww, poor thing. And that’s just the beginning of their sexual adventures.


The aftereffects of the horrendous occurrence of book 2 are over. The crime scene is cleaned up. The deputy sheriff, Anna, is spending her days delightfully in the presence of her futa lover, Cynthia. Sun, beach, their love grows physically and emotionally in delightful ways.

When Jen from the office stops by their beach house their life takes a fun and sexy turn. Does this mark a change in their relationship? Or just an addition. And when they meet an exciting redhead will they invite her to join in?

This is a 7,100-word story about a sexy futa, her deputy sheriff lover and their expanding universe of sexual fun and games. It contains futanari, threesome sex, oral, anal but NO BDSM.


They sat side by side on the bed anxiously watching the bathroom door. Robin had arrived earlier with a small suitcase. That had surprised them but also peaked their curiosity. It was night. The French doors leading out to the deck were open wide, inviting the cooling sea breeze in.

“This is going to be fun, love,” Anna said.

“I think so. I never knew I would enjoy this kind of thing, but Jen was such an eyeopener. I thought maybe we should try again.”

“Good thinking. Life is too fucking short.”

“By the way, though. Just so you’re certain about something,” Cynthia said, turning her body to Anna’s. “I love you. I love you with my whole heart like I’ve never loved anyone before. I cannot imagine a life without you. Not to dwell, but when I thought you were going to be killed a little piece of me died. My life is yours, darling. My heart is yours.” Anna teared up and started to say something when the door opening caught their attention.

The shy, demure redhead from the diner stepped into the room. Her body was covered from ankle to neck in shiny black latex. The moonlight reflected from the skintight costume highlighting every subtle curve. And there were many delightful curves to highlight. Her impossibly high heels made her loom tall, taller than either Cynthia or Anna. Her copper hair was slicked and pulled tight to her skull.

She took a wide stance just short of the bed facing the two gaping women. Holding tightly to the handle of a long riding crop she smacked it noisily into her gloved hand. The sound made both of them jump.

“Now, bitches. Where shall we start?

So there you have it. I’m thinking seriously about a Book 4 where they really explore their dark side. I’ve also come up with a solution to my conundrum concerning Mother Superior (Futanari Convent) and a vampire with a taste for futa blood. So while I decide, enjoy yourself with It’s A Futa Life Book 3: Celebration.


It’s A Futa Life Book 2: Interruption LIVE

It's a Futa Life 2It’s A Futa Life Book 2: Interruption is available on Amazon. And I should make a fortune off this book. I posted it onto Amazon while hunkered in an evacuation shelter using my iPhone as a hotspot for my iPad to fill out the New Title Checklist. My perseverance alone should count for something LOL. (I live in Apalachicola, Florida. Hello Hurricane Hermine.)

Anyway, this is book picks up where Book 1 ended. Cynthia the futa and Anna her deputy girlfriend have declared their love after a bomb attack. What the story expresses said is true: do not put off expressing your feelings to those you love. You never know what can happen and when. You would regret it.

So their love blossoms and, of course, hot sex ensues. Always. But into this idyllic life comes the terrorist looking to spread fear, choosing the lone female cop as his focal point. Will Cynthia be forced to watch the execution of her lover? Will she be able to stop it?


Cynthia the futa is relieved when Anna returns home safely after a terrorist bomb attack. Realizing how life can change in the blink of an eye Cynthia determines to declare her love. Her heart bursts when Anna returns the emotion. From that time on they are unable to keep their hands off one another.

They unwittingly put themselves in danger as they become targets. When Cynthia is attacked in her own home and strapped to a chair, forced to watch the murder of her lover, how will she be able to prevent the tragedy? Can she stop it?

This is a 7,300-word story containing a sexy futa, a hot lesbian, and sex exploring the unique futanari genitalia from all angles.


Anna had kicked off the covers during the night. Most of her body lay exposed to Cynthia. Fingers traced a violent history. There were some cuts and abrasions from the bomb the day before. She traced some larger welts along a muscular thigh, on one calf, and a long thin scar across her upper chest.

A trembling lid indicated Anna, too, was waking. When her gray eyes opened she found Cynthia’s hazel pupils mere inches from her. As if she was inhaling her exhale. She started, then flashed her trademark blinding smile. She has the most perfect teeth, Cynthia thought.

“Mornin’, dear,” Anna said, yawning and stretching noisily. “Whatcha doing?”

“A favorite book, often read, has the cover scratched and dented, the ends bent . . . pages dogeared, text highlighted and loved passages underscored, You are my book, darling, and every mark is a memory. Like this one,” she said running a finger at a long welt.

“The memory for that one,” she chuckled, “is an attack in Afghanistan during one of my tours there.”

“And this?” indicating the thin scar.

“A drunk got me with a knife one night. Total surprise. He had been a jovial lush seconds before. This is the worst,” Anna said placing Cynthia’s hand on her left breast.

“What happened there, darling?”

“Somebody stole my heart.” Cynthia teared up, the fear from the night before washing over her. She could have lost her lover. She would have been devastated, destroyed if she had been denied this growing relationship.

Cynthia rolled on top of Anna, fleshy body against body. From that position she stared seriously into Anna’s eyes.

“What?” Anna asked, sensing the mood shift.

“I can’t lose you. I just couldn’t survive–“

“Shhh,” she said silencing her with a kiss. Lips softened as seconds passed, warmth spreading. Cynthia’s futa cock decided to join the party. It unrolled from her inner thigh like a stirring snake on the hunt. “Umm, darling, are you trying to steal my nightstick?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Ha ha, don’t need to. Mine is bigger.”

You can pick up this future Library of Congress book-of-the-month nominee at Amazon. Click on It’s A Futa Life Book 2: Interruption.