Trouble in V Land

AdobeStock_50031686-650x433Ma belle V is having problems adjusting to my… special friend. In case you don’t slavishly read my every textual utterance (and why aren’t you? I’m fucking interesting!), let me give a quick recap. When I moved from DC to a tiny town in Florida a small group of church ladies took me under their wing. I had no friends. I moved in cold. They were sweet, asked me to dinner and birthdays and other events. It kept me social, which I’m not. But I appreciated them and always have a good time with great food. (They are mostly Filipinas… cooking machines!)

Things went swimmingly for years when out of the blue one of them, V, asked if I would be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. Well, yes and no. Yes, who doesn’t want a romantic relationship? I yearn so for companionship, love, all the usual stuff to be in my life. No, I had no idea she was (1) interested and (2) lesbian. And as it turned out, she had no idea I was a transwoman.

Our first physical encounter was interesting, to say the least. She batted that thing like it was a playtoy. And I guess in some ways it was although, thanks to my HRT, not too reliable. Haha. But she is, indeed, a lesbian and thus having a hard time reconciling her feelings toward men and my own vestigial equipment. (Oh god, I’ve never gotten to use that word before… vestigial. I love it!) No matter how many times and in various ways explained that I am, indeed a woman, despite my deformity, she just can’t grasp it.

While it is still ongoing she’s seeing me less and less and I have a feeling it will eventually die out. The arc of the relationship is going in the wrong direction. We’ve never lived together, only dated and horsed around. We’ll see. I’ve been alone for a long time. I can go the rest of my life alone. But don’t you think that life is so much more fun when you have someone to share it with, to hold when looking at a beautiful sunset, to marvel at a painting, a song? <sigh>

My Review of Life in Suspension by MSTarot


e42fa8845b4507acd155d42d9fc06e5fI read MSTarot at the suggestion of another author whose work I admire. I was linked to Literotica, which is a great source of browse-worthy stories. At random I chose a story category near and dear to my own writing preferences – Transsexuals and Transgenders.

[Note: This was published in 2014 as an entry in a writer’s competition. They used a theme of music as a basis for the competition. The author used “Tomorrow We’ll See” by Sting. Unfortunately, I’m not into this type of music . . . not my genre (yes, I am an old fuddy-duddy). Which means I had no frame of reference. Instead, I simply read the story for itself.]

Life in Suspension tells the story of a young trans who becomes Alexus (love the way this name comes about) and meets up with Gabriel, a gorgeous trans prostitute in a life changing event. She discovers both love and what her own life will become.

I found the story well-developed, growing from initial yearnings to apply make-up to a full-blown professional lady of the evening. The sex progresses from hints of the act to fully blown (pun intended) descriptions. I loved this line from the start of a fellatio scene. Alexus had dragged her teeth the length of her customer’s cock, then lightly bit the tip of his cock. She looked up at him: “You yank my wig off, I’ll bite the end off. Understand?” Made me laugh.

Within the story the author touched on the ludicrous state of bathroom encounters with a remark given that drags up intense feelings for Alexus, feelings for the hurtful actions of bigoted, seriously misguided people. The writing was powerful. I got a little teary. Do they even know how they can affect us with such casual hurtful asides? Well done.

Then a heartbreak occurs that will reverberate throughout the rest of the story. She loses her mentor, her true love. Very emotional, well written.

Minor complaint: The author uses some words I personally don’t like, but that’s obviously a choice of the writer. In no way did it detract from my enjoyment, but they just added some jarring notes to the song.

By the end of the narrative Alexus has gone full circle and is herself a mentor to a newbie.

I rate this 4.5-stars. A good editing would move this to 5-stars. I thought it was delightfully written and emotional – you will cry at some point. I fully enjoyed this story. I’ll have to check out some of the others. You can find this list at MSTarot Literotica Page. Go. Read. Enjoy.