Scene from “Rough Night”

In the Office 5 Rough NightJust for shits and giggles, here is a scene from my series T-Girl in the Office: Rough Night. Let me set the scene: Ashlyn is the transwoman, Pete is her fiance. They have been out at a club. On the way back to their car they are waylaid by a gang of assholes who threaten to cut Ashlyn but instead just beat the crap out of Pete. So the scene opens with them in the hospital. Let me know if you enjoy this scene!


“He’ll be ok, Ms Barry. Nothing’s broken. Just massive contusions and some cuts. Nothing that a few days of bed rest won’t take care of. He was very lucky.”

Ashlyn looked at Pete lying in the hospital bed. He didn’t look lucky.

“Thanks, Doctor.”

“Let him rest here until the medication takes effect. Then you can take him home.”

She pulled up a chair beside his bed, listening as his breathing smoothed out. Pete let out an occasional moan whenever he tried to change position. She was amazed he didn’t have any broken ribs.

“My hero,” she said.

“Ha. Your hero got curb stomped. I should learn to fight.”

“To me, you’re the bravest man I know.” She leaned over him to give him a kiss.

“Ow,” he said when their lips touched.

“Sorry,” she said, crinkling her face. She put her hand on his chest.

“Ahh,” he responded.

“Sorry.” She took her hand away. She tried to pick up his hand.


“Sorry.” She took a step back from his bed holding her hands up in surrender.

“Are you sore everywhere?” she asked.

“I think so.”

She walked around the bed studying him, then she picked up the bed’s controller, pressed a button and raised his head up. When he was elevated at the waist she stopped.

“Can you bend your knees?” He lifted them up. She walked to the end of the bed, lifted the edge of his gown and placed a finger on his soft cock.

“No pain?” Pete thought for a moment, then shook his head no. Ashlyn smiled.

She checked around the cabinet at one end of the room. Finding a bottle of oil, Ashlyn oiled up her hands as she walked back to the end of the bed. Very gently she lifted his penis and spread oil on his shaft. Squeezing it gently Pete’s cock began to grow. As soon as it got semi-erect, she tugged back his foreskin, took one finger and began rubbing the spot on the underside of his shaft just below the head. Almost immediately his cock grew to its full size.

Ashlyn switched to using her thumb, rubbing it up and down on that same spot. Her fingers took a firmer hold and moved from side to side at the same time. His breathing quickened.

“Still OK?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” he answered.

She took a two-handed grip on his dick and added an up and down movement to her twisting action, with the thumb continuing to rub the area under his cockhead.

“Oh God, darling,” he moaned. She took that as a good sign.

Ashlyn continued stroking with one hand while the other moved down to his anus. She wiped her oily hand across his butt, lubricating it. Then she slowly inserted a finger, gently. Pete loosened his asshole giving her free access.

“Still no pain?” she asked.

“Don’t stop.”

She pushed her finger in until she could feel his prostate. The sharp intake of breath from Pete told her she found it. With the pad of her finger Ashlyn began to rub the prostate. Her other hand continued stroking his shaft slowly, squeezing and releasing the thick pole.

“God, I feel like I’m going to cum,” he said. Ashlyn stopped everything. The quivering of his prostate stopped. She waited until his breathing returned to normal.

She resumed her pressure, pressing and releasing his prostate, jacking his cock. Ashlyn stared into his eyes, watching his every reaction. Whenever his eyes began to roll back in his head, she would stop her motions. She edged him several times.

“Oh my Jesus God, darling, you’re killing me,” he groaned.

Ashlyn kept up her press and release, coupled with a slow stroking, until she decided to relent. This time when the prostate started quivering, repeated in the shaft of his dick, she continued with the same pace – not faster, not slower. Steady as she goes, she thought.

“Arghh,” he groaned as he lifted his hips off the bed and shot a long stream of cum. Ashlyn kept stroking and pressing the prostate as stream after stream shot out of him.

At last he was done. She stopped her movements and carefully, slowly, pulled her finger out of his ass.

“Feel better now?” she asked.

“I don’t know whether it was that or the medication kicking in, but I’m feeling pretty good.”

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Deep Quandary

limboweb_by_senju_hime-d6gsbvnI currently have five stories in development. My quandary… do I opt to write a meditative story of a transwoman’s struggles with self-worth after being dropped by a cis boyfriend, or go for a little out and out smut, sex-driven snot slinging, ass slapping, bukake loving story? Decision decisions.


Well fuck…

I was so up last night after spending the day writing about my characters’ wedding day. Fussing over the undergarments, the gown, the photography. I guess overnight i started contemplating  my life, where i am at this point. I’ll never have a wedding day. I’ll never be with a man who loves me, who’ll swoon when i walk down the aisle looking beautiful.

Sorry. Depressed.


Well I’m happy. Just finished 2,000 words on trans/marine 2. That’s a good night. Now to reward myself. Wine? Porn? Hmmm, oh what the hell. I’ll watch porn while i drink wine. That still leaves one hand free.

Putting out some freebies

I have some older books that haven’t been doing anything for a while now. No sales, no page reads. Just looking lonely and unloved. I know how they feel. So I going to put them on a 2-day free download. I know people will jump all over free stuff. I know I do. While I’ll get no financial benefit, someone will be reading my writing which makes me almost… almost… as happy as royalties.

Now, as soon as I figure out how to do that on KDP I’ll do that.


Picking at a new series

evermore__by_luanalaniI’m making headway on what I hope will become a new series. It’s about a Thai-American transwoman and a marine. She works as secretary to a couples counselor, and the marine and his soon-to-be ex-wife come in for three months of court-ordered counseling. The trans and the marine get to talking while waiting for the ex to arrive (always late) and an attraction arises. She won’t take it further until the divorce. By the time they finally get together and she reveals her little secret, he’s already fallen for her. But then there’s the problem of being a rough and tumble marine loving a tiny little trans.

Written a little over a thousand words just to get a feel, and I think I’ll like it. Too soon to tell. Some of my writing dies on the vine because I end up not caring what happens to my character!

It’s set in Jacksonville NC, home of Camp Lejeune. Never been there. Google Earth! Research, my favorite thing.