Review of The Fence by Lusty Soul

515X1UyAmmLAt one time in my life —  for most of it actually — I was a male of the species. As I read this story by Lusty Soul, long forgotten memories of the overpowering feelings of lust a young man can suffer came rushing back. The struggle to find just the right words to persuade the girl to relent… the inability to think of anything but how to win over her reluctance…. worst of all — the dreaded ‘blue balls’ of death. Haha at least it felt like one would die.

How in the world this female writer managed to get so fully into the mind of a lust-maddened boy amazes me. It shows the power and skill of her writing. The opening chapters will be recognized by practically all males reading this book. Trust me boys… it will be worth the read. Because once Lusty Soul gets to the more erotic portion of the book it is a steamroller of an experience.

The Fence is a book that will melt your zipper. Her scenes of passionate lovemaking at the fence are so hot, so descriptive, so… right on… that you will need to take a little break before finishing the last sentence. I needed a shower and a cigarette… and I don’t smoke.

This book is five star all the way.

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